Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ultimate Chocolate Muffins

Hello my friends. Finally I am able to sit down and blog! So how have you all been? Pardon me for not visiting or leaving comments on yours as it’s sure been a hectic week plus at this end.

I met up with my girl friends four Fridays ago. A badly needed break away from what I have been busy with the past months. Hubby was sweet enough to baby sit.

When DC saw me, she commented that I lost weight. Geesh... I was so happy when I heard this. Finally I am able to shed those kilos. 4 weeks later, I lost more. Now I am back to my so called "ideal" weight. I shall see whether I can still slip into my pants if not, I will take this opportunity to donate them away.

Kids rooms and common areas are more or less ready. The most agonising is my master room and hubby is bringing back my old beloved cabinet that I left behind in the old place. (yes I changed my mind).  Yea.... storage always seems not enough for me.

My new kitchen is finally settling in. Most of the kitchen stuff already unpacked so I am one happy bird. I will need to spend some time later on to regroup my "toys".

I also was putting up with my helper's nonsensical attitude. A simple question will get a remark as if she is ready for a fight. Seriously I don't need this but yet I am not ready to let her go as now. I have been helping with the 50% of the chores. Waiting for her to finish up one duty is like taking forever.

Initially I didn't know what was happening as I was so busy unpacking. Then few evenings ago, while she was packing up my girl's room, I saw my little one running to her room. Only then I realised that she got my girl to fetch her phone from her room.

So now I have to work side by side with her to prevent such incident. Naturally our dear friend is not too happy but what to do. I need to settle down soonest so that I can let her go. Thus the past few days was a big challenge dealing with her. Thank God, her mood is good today and she was finally working. Yes, at long last she is working now.

The house felt so much cleaner and that makes me happy. I decided to take a break from trying to clean up my room till I get my cabinet in tomorrow.

Son's behaviour is like a roller coaster, some days he is extremely sweet but some days he is just so horrible. His dad was about to whack him up big time the other day because of his bad attitude. We are trying to control our emotion during this tiring period where practising patience is tough.  

Since it is his last exam paper today, it also meant I can finally stop nagging at him to study.

As a celebration, I baked him Ultimate Chocolate MuffinsNo energy to really browse for new recipe so I just took this one that was in my file.

Recipe can be found here

Now let me introduce you to Ms Pink Lady.  My new friend that came visiting for the past few days.  Isn't she pretty?

Okay, I am totally deflated now.  Will have an early night.  Am really looking forward to tomorrow as my girl will be done with her exam.

Nite nite.
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  1. Glad to know that you are settling down in your new home! Must be very tiring with all the moving and unpacking! Take a break when needed and eat well!

  2. It's good to see a post from you, Edith! Sounds like you are exhausted with things going on in your house..I hope they settle down soon and you get some rest! House-moving IS A PAIN! First must pack everything nicely in boxes, then take it all out again! hehe.


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