Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kueh Bingka Ubi Kayu

Ha I just realised that this post was published till now. 

We spent Mother's Day cum Dad's birthday celebration last week.  Come to think about it, we have been doing this joint celebration for many years.  I guess it is hard to find an appropriate time for my brother in law works on shift work so doing a joint celebration makes it easier and also to beat the crowd.

The night before Mother’s Day, it was sweet thoughts as both my kids decided to bunk in with me.  Son commented that it was his gift (his company for the night) to me as Mother’s Day gift.  I was feeling fussy as it is a rare opportunity these days.

Things got a bad turn this morning. Mainly son was really irresponsible and left his windows open, resulted in a wet wood flooring despite numerous reminders the night before to ensure his windows are shut.

When I reprimanded him on this incident, instead of an apology, he went defensive.  My mood was totally destroyed by him with his nonsensical argument. I seriously am getting so tired with all his groundless argument these days. It is always the ME ME ME attitude.  How I wish he will be enlisted into the army soon, since I failed as a mother.  Perhaps the army will be able to knock some sort of responsibility into his head and stop all those self centred-ness.

With all the well wishes coming in, I just can't help but broke down throughout the day. Why kids these days take everything for granted? We were never like this when young. Why these generation kids are so horrible?  The form of respect taught to us when I was young and pass on to the next generation somehow got lost in him.

Having said this, I had to be fair to my daughter too. She is a total complete opposite of son.   At least half the Mother's Day, I can get credit to.

Thus I wish all Mothers a very Happy Mother's Day. I know our job in this era faced a bigger challenge than our parent` and we totally deserved a pat on the shoulder for choosing this path.

Actually I baked this Kueh Bingka Ubi Kayu just before hubby left. If you like such kueh like my hubby does, attend Valerie Kong's class. It yields a really nice texture and cost a fraction of what you paid outside. (I bought 3 tiny pieces for S$1.80!, notice that I didn't even say small, seriously I think it is really over priced).

My helper pan fried it further to get the crisp.  Love the lovely hue it gives.

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