Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A proud moment

This post was long overdue as the event happened last week but I simply had no time to blog about it. Thus today, I managed to put in effort to set aside some time so that I can document this before it slipped my mind.

I didn't realise that I only posted once in the month of Aril till I was uploading the pictures in photobucket. Wow time really flies. This one month really a busy one month for me and with lots of happenings.

Finally our new nest is ready. A date that had been pushing back since last Christmas! Unbelievable but it happened. Anyway, my packing days are over and now it is cleaning. You know how it is like, you need to give time for the dust to settle down. Though I threw away and gave away many stuff, I still have tons of them that I just can't bear to let go. So the unpacking and finding a new place for the items will be a challenge.

After a day of cleaning the new house, my helper tendered her resignation (she still have three more months with us). So you can imagine how frantic I was, checking out agencies and bio data. Thank God, he was really looking out for me and I was able to find one amidst the limited pool available.

Of course, at this point in time, I just can’t afford to let her go as yet. So she will have to stick around for another month. I concluded that no matter how well they are treated, there isn’t such thing as loyalty. On top of this, with my sixth sense, I found out that she has been stealing money from us as well. I am not alerting her. I will just let the matter sit till I am ready to deal with it.

Now back to my priority for today's post. Last Tuesday and Thursday, I just have to drop everything to attend my kids' taekwondo competitions. Though this is not their first competition but this is the first time they represented their schools.

Initially I know my little girl was intimated by her opponents who are both 11 years old and are taller than her. Somehow this little girl over came her fear and make her way to the finals and to a Gold! I am definitely not shy to say that I am a proud mom.

We are so proud of her to see her working hard to get that Gold.

Thanks to her coach ZC for his guidance and giving her the confidence to reach her potential.

Yea! Good job done little one!

A good surprise was that the school also came in 4th in the Overall Championship for Junior Female.

Next was my boy. It was a double happiness for him as he received two medals this month.

We are also proud of him to see that he overcame his fear of seeing black belts (he is a junior black). During the last competition, he didn't reach his full potential because of this reason.

He was indeed in chirpy mood as he went on to get another medal for his soccer.

Okay, now I have to go back to work. It doesn’t help that hubby is leaving town this week and only be back on Monday as we planned to move on Tuesday. So everything fall 100% on me, nice isn’t it?

Thanks for constantly checking in. I am sorry that there isn’t any new recipe that I tried out this one month.

Do come by in May.

Till then, arrivederci
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  1. Wow Edith, congratulations to your boy. You must have so proud of him. Of coz, it needs load of hardwork & training. And he did kick buds this round. (excuse me!)haha.....
    Have a great day, dear.

  2. Great to hear that you are settling well into your new house! It will be my turn for the packing soon, hopefully I have extra strength to do the packing without any helper.

    Congratulations for your little girl and also your son, you are a happy mom!

  3. Mummy must be so proud of her two kids then ! Well Done !!

  4. Congrats to you all, especially your both kids :)

  5. Congrats to both your children! Most importantly, it's you who had spent so much time ferrying them around the practices and encouraging them! Kudos to a great mum!

  6. Claps, claps, claps for your kids! I bet you are 100x happier when your kids get Gold than macarons feet showing ...LOL Meanwhile, happy shifting!

  7. I am a silent reader but would like to drop a note to you. CONGRATULATIONS! to both you and your family. Your hard work is paid off. Kudos to a great mom!!!

  8. Thanks Little Hands,DG, PaB

    Kristy, oh yes he sure did. The last opponent was pretty arrogant, he told my son he will give him one chance.

    For my little girl, she did surprised us with her perseverance.

    Ah Tze, you are also moving? You can do it. I done it solo for two house moves so it is possible. Just start early and plan well. Have fun packing.

    Quizzine, you are so cute. I love your comment.

    Thanks Elizabeth for dropping by. Nice to hear from you.

  9. congrats to both your kids and to the proud mommy!
    Unpacking is worse than packing.
    Take ur time, and blog when you're ready!
    Love ur garden too!

  10. Hi Edith,
    Congratulations to both your daughter and son! No wonder you are one proud mommy! Cheers!
    Hope your move is all smooth and well. Congratulations on your new home, wish you good health, happiness and wonderful things in your new home!

  11. BRAVO to your little ones! I can hear your heart sings! Thanks for sharing your joy with us.

  12. congratulations to your family! edith, you ought to be proud!!all the best in your packing and unpacking, i know it's a tough job!

  13. Wow! Edith, congratulations to both ur kids! You're one proud mummy! :)


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