Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fact of life?

Remember sometime back, I was dinning in this restaurant in Changi Village, I mentioned we saw a very meaningful passage on the wall. My dad actually typed and printed a copy for me but along the way, I misplaced it.

Now with all the packing and throwing stuff out, I finally found it again.

Thanks to my little one, with her help, I was able to retype this out once more. I didn’t know she was so superb with her han yu pin yin. Guess signing her up for lessons while she was in kindergarten helped.

急事, 慢慢的说
大事, 清楚的说
没发生的事, 不要糊说
做不到的事, 不能说
不开心的事, 找对对象说
开心的事, 看场合说
伤心的事, 不要见人就说
别人的事, 小心的说
自己的事, 听听别人 怎么说
尊长的事, 多听少说
夫妻的事, 商量着说
孩子们的事, 开导着说

Now having it in record, I can throw another piece of paper out for recycling. With that said, perhaps some one can help me to translate this into English?

Over the years, I had collected so many printed recipes that I found on the internet. To throw them away, it is such a pity but to keep, simply had no space.

Also, my hard disk crashed on me twice and I lost so many datas. Now I am kind of paranoid and started to print my favourite tried and tested recipes out. That is to say, more space needed.

Are you having the same problem as me? Totally in dilemma

Okay back to work.
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  1. Hi,

    It is so true but sometime easy to say but hard to do :p Can I share wit my FB frds?


  2. 很有意思,我把它给抄起来了!用来警惕自己也不错哦!!

    我也收集了一大堆的网络食谱。。。哈哈哈,我们都有一样的问题 - 空间不够用啦!!

  3. Edith, great to see your blog updates...I thought you have gone for a short trip over the long weekend :)

  4. Edith..there's a function at google called google translate. You can copy and paste and it will be translated to english

  5. Hi Edith, wish I could help! I can't read Chinese! :o(

  6. Hi,

    that is such a meaningful 'passage'. Thanks for sharing. ;)

  7. Thanks for taking the effort to share this. Very meaningful and true.

  8. I also have the same problem for storing recipes. I store my bookmarked recipes as draft versions in blogger or email and in thumbdrive, so that I dun have to type them out again during blogging. But just like you, I prefer printing out tested recipes, and pasting them in a jotterbook the old fashioned way, although that also means killing more trees !

  9. Thanks Katherine for dropping by. Yes of course you can share.

    myme, no matter how much space we will be given, it will never be enough. hahahah..

    HHB, I wish I am on short trip. Been a very tiring and annoying experience.

    Sherreen, I tried that before, still need to proof read coz some time the translation can be hilarious.

    Kitchen Flavours, I will translate it one of these days. Stay tuned.

    You are welcome Pudy Mummy, PaB.

    Thanks Miss Be for dropping by. You are so right about the trees. I do feel bad but I just don't know how else is the better solution.


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