Sunday, October 30, 2011

A little gathering

EL's mom used to be my neighbour. A wonderful old lady that was blessed with 5 girls! Each Friday, all the girls with their spouses and kids will gather at mom's place for dinner.

That is how I got to know Mrs L's 5 daughters. I especially clicked really well with EL.

Perhaps it is her warm personality! Coincidentally, her youngest son was also in the same kinder as my girl. Thus we had a chance to still stay connected even after we all moved to respective new home.

In August, I bumped into EL again and we promised to meet up. Days gone week passed, we were too caught up with our lives. I was already thinking to call her next week and then today she ranged. Inviting us to join her family for a Popiah lunch. I just couldn't say no! Afterall, I haven't seen her kids for ages.

Not nice to go empty and thus I baked a brownie from a premix. Sorry because I have an order this order and seriously have no time to explore other recipes.

To be honest, this ain't bad at all. In fact, it tasted really good as I had already baked two sachet out of 4 not too long ago. A huge box that my brother gave me. Thanks Bro!


Our gathering lasted for nearly 12 hours! Yes it was a long gathering but we had such terrific time that we stayed for dinner as well. Of course the kids were delighted for they get to play water polo, football and many hours of chit chating.

You won't see how much your kids grown till you see others. Gosh, I definitely won't recognise I if I bumped onto him on the road!
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  1. although i dont use premix that much, i think sometimes it's not a bad idea especially if it's a last minute thing.

  2. I am not a premix person too but these had gotten many good reviews. :)


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