Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A delayed post

After my late night outing on Sunday, I was totally whacked the next few days. I guess it had to do with my age. I can no longer keep up with late nights anymore it seems.

Then on Monday, my good friend V and her hubby invited us out for brunch and subsequently we ended shopping. Its sure been a long time I last went to those malls.

Though I did prepared a Bake Tapioca Kueh for Aspiring Baker but I didn't have anymore energy to sit down and write a post out of it in the evenings.


My daughter was asking about her Annual trick or treat for Halloween but I was just too tired to bring her there after our outing. On top of it, my hubby was also down. He was suffering from upset tummy. So we took this as an excuse to stay home instead.

After all, she didn't have enough sleep on Sunday and I am definitely not prepared for her to fall sick now.

Using the leftover tapioca, I turned this into Tapioca Balls. Actually, these are rather addictive!


Last but not least, I tried out a new recipe few weeks ago and really like it very much but I didn't blog about it.

I made this again when my friend and her son came over for lunch. They really like it very much and so I am sharing this, Black Pepper Chicken with you.


Hope you like these.
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  1. Your Tapioca Balls look so good, must try one day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, your chicken looks sooo yummy, im craving for it now. :)

  3. I love tapioca anything but yours look very tempting. Just too lazy to make it. Wished I were next door!

  4. I love your log and your recipes! I am one of your followers now! Come visit me! :)

  5. Thanks Sonia

    Thanks Sharon @ Feats of Feasts

    busygran, I love tapioca too. Wish I have more recipes to attempt.

    Yukari, thanks for dropping by.

  6. Edith my mom love tapioca (and me too) look absolutely delicious!! gloria

  7. Gloria, we should get together for a tapioca feast haaha.

  8. edith, is there any fillings inside the tapioca balls?


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