Friday, October 28, 2011

Getting it off

For the past week, I just couldn't shake off that shitty feeling about my helper. The feeling sucks as she is living under the same roof as me and I definitely needed that trust back. If not, it became meaningless having her in the house.

After speaking to my hubby, I think I can wait no more for him to come home to settle it.

My hubby actually suggested that I do a room spot check so that she won't be able to deny but for me, this is just way too hassle for I am already having such a handful with my son.

So I took the opportunity of pretending to look for my bag of nut and to tell her that I am no fool and once again make sure she understood my house rules.

Initially she denied that she took numerous of my personal stuff (out of my bedside table as well as in my room). She denied that she took my girl's hand phone as well as helping herself to a full bag of macadamia nuts that was brought by my hubby for me.

I told her I won't accuse her of doing something that I didn't see with my own eyes. I asked her whether she prefers me to put her on the spot when I caught her or rather give her a chance to put it back to where it belongs.

After all, all these months she is with us, we always treated her like one of our child. When we buy sweets for my kids, she will get her share. When we ate something, she will get her share too. We definitely don’t mind her eating but to dominate all is not a practise in my household. Even to my kids, I always teach them about sharing.

I definitely won't condone such behaviours of her helping herself to our stuff especially behind my back!

After putting her back in place, I felt so much better now and happier. Let’s pray that she won’t relapse into those bad behavioural and continue her next 7 months contract.

Now to distract my son from getting too much gadgets, I got him to bake cookies. This batch of cookie dough was given to me by LT. This is what he had done up after much complaining about scooping the cookie dough onto the trays.


As for our dinner, I opted for Passionate about Baking's Black gold pizza.

I modified the recipe to have white sauce instead of tomato based as I briefly saw it on AFC.


So we are happy birds having our non meat Friday dinner with this Black Pizza with white sauce.

A funny note, both my kids commented why the pizza was burnt when I presented it on the dinning table.

Overall, I love the crust and the white sauce is really something that I will try again.
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  1. Wow you were quick to try the pizza.
    My hubby wants to get a helper, but I am not very excited about the idea, i just don't want to bring a rat into the rice bin..

  2. Edith,
    I definitely understand how you feel about your helper. Especially so when they get a share of what we have. I faced the issue of having to confront my helper one of those days too. But not on the stuff that she took, but on her using her hp for at least 10mins every hour! Can you tolerate that too? I definitely cannot! Now that she doesn't do that, I'm more relieved!
    I'm glad you like the charcoal base pizza. Your pizza sure looks good too! It looked so healthy and wholesome! Maybe you can share with us the sauce you used next time. I would definitely try this pizza again! :)

  3. I'm glad you finally resolve the matter with your helper. :) That black gold pizza looks really good! And great idea to use white sauce too. But when I showed the picture to my girl, she ask why the pizza black black one? Lol!

  4. Managing domestic help can be very challenging. I am not sure if I would be able to let someone stay in my house even before having the chance to get to know the person.... I hope she will learn and behave.

  5. oh dear... It is indeed difficult to trust someone again after being betrayed. Trust is like building a sandcastle, so difficult to get it up properly, yet so easy to destroy.

    Hope things get better back at home for you. :)

  6. Im glad this matter is resolved for you cause she still has to live under the same roof as you! :) Im with Wendy, my hubby wanted to get a helper but Im really not keen on the idea seeing how territorial I can be with my kitchen. Still, glad it all worked out for you.

  7. I do not have the option of having a helper being in Melbourne and no parents here, I have to do everything; job, managing a household with 2 kids, cooking and cleaning etc. I always thought that it would be very handy to have a helper. Now I also see that there is a downside to it. Whatever your choice is, you have to accept what comes with it. Really, you cannot say that you treat your helper like your child. Would you let your child do everything your helper does?

  8. Trust is the key word. That's was the essence of my pep talk to my one and only domestic help when she first came into my household. I had her for about ten years. I was fortunate to have an honest one. I guess I must have impressed on her how important trust is in any kind of relationship.
    Throughout her stint, I treated her as a friend and employer.
    Hope your problem with your domestic help is resolved. If not it can be a headache!

  9. Hopefully your helper would not cause any more headache for you!
    Both the cookies and pizza look good! Wish you a pleasant week!

  10. that's a really interesting looking pizza! One that I will be so game to try it!! Looks sooo good!!

    Sorry to hear about that horrible experience with the lady staying at your place. How awful! Hope things get better and she will understand the concept of respecting people and possessions!

  11. Hi Edith, your helper doesn't know that she has it that good. I was at lunch a month or so ago with my parents who happened to be in town. There was a family of 3 (mum, dad and boy) sitting nearby with their maid. All 3 were eating and the maid was just sitting there starring at them. They did not offer any food or drink for their maid. I think this was a bit awful. Any way the pizza looks so interesting ... "black gold .. hmm"

  12. i havent seen a black pizza, i must chk it out later! as for your helpers issue, it's really sick! do you think it be do better not to allow here into your bedroom ? sometimes just dont understand what's on their mind...

  13. Hopefully you sort out the problem about your helper by now..

  14. wendyywy @ Table for 2, I was good without one for 5 years till I had a slipped disc. Now I can't live without one. :(

    Passionate About Baking I will post the white sauce later one. Right now really busy with my big one being home.

    Honey Bee Sweets, thanks. Hopefully she knows her stand from now on. And my kids also commented why the pizza got burnt!

    Shirley @ Kokken69, if you are luckyt, they can be blessing but unfortunately my luck was never good no matter how well I treat them. haiz.

    travellingfoodies, yah handling such issue always been tough. Unless we close both eyes.

    Sharon @ Feats of Feasts, thanks. I pray that it will be smooth from now but hubby said we need to give them pep talk once a while.

    Anonymous, we are blessed that we have got that option but sometime it does bring other issues into the household. Just today, I read that a helper had an affair with someone and how she done it was she leaves the hse to meet her lover while her employers were sleeping. In the end, she killed her lover and now in jail.

    We do train our kids to be independent and look after themselves to some extent. After all, the helper is here to help me not them.

    busygran, you are so right. Without trust it is very hard to function. You are truly blessed with a good one.

    kitchen flavours, Daphne, Jo, prince n princess mum. thanks. matter resolved and hope no such incident from now on.

    lena, we plan to install locks in our cupboards in our new house as well as the master bedroom next time.


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