Sunday, September 04, 2011

A nice chap

While I was buying my moon cake supplies the other day, a young chap was exchanging recipe with a lady in the shop. I couldn't help but to eavesdrop on them.

Without any paper on hand, I asked for permission to note down his recipe on my palm. I was clutching my "recipe" for dear life as I am prone to forget about it and went to wash my hands upon reaching home.

Got home, and quickly copied it on a piece of paper. He was even nice enough to give me his email. True enough, I missed out one important component and waited for his response.

The first batch I actually threw it away as I over knead the dough and it became hard. The second batch turned up okay but I will leave this recipe for you to decide whether you like it or not.


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Green tea Snow skin
What you need:

33g Kou Fen
15g HK flour
50g icing sugar
15g mooncake shortening
25g cold water
3g green tea powder


Steam the HK flour for 15 mins and set aside to cool.

Sieve the HK flour, kou fen, green tea powder and icing sugar together.

Rub in shortening.

Pour cold water into the flour and mix them into a dough. Knead briefly.

Divide dough and wrap fillings.

Dough : 20g
Fillings : 30g
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  1. Nice!
    I like the way you styled the mooncakes on inverted cups :)

  2. Nice of you to share the recipe.
    Your mooncake mould is gorgeous!!!

  3. Tks Wendy

    nEL, I just realized that my sis attended his class and it is the same recipe.


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