Saturday, September 03, 2011

Crazy inflation

From property to basic staples, prices are going up and up. Strangely with lower crude oil prices, petrol prices still remained high. Doesn't need to be smart to figure out why isn’t it?

This year, prices of moon cakes are ridiculously high as well. On my way for some errands, I passed by a mini moon cake fair. Had a brief glance as it was crowded and when I saw the price, my jaw dropped. At S$70 a box of 4 minis, I think this is really expensive. Considering it is not even from a hotel or reputable restaurant.

I think I have been making my own mooncakes for a couple of years already. Thus with the price hike of ready made ones, it doesn't really affect me but I am sure this will spur interest in home made moonies.

I can't recall how much one kilo of white lotus paste I bought last year. Actually we did a bulk order and split among ourselves but I definitely doubt I paid S$22 for one kilo of low sugar white lotus paste.

Anyway, S was really sweet to sms me a supplier in Geylang. Actually I had been buying from them for the past years except last year when we did that bulk purchase.

With low in sugar, it is really good for my family because both my son and hubby enjoyed moon cakes very much.

I reattempt a recipe that I had done many years ago, a hot favourite with my family.

Here is my Chocolate snow skin moon cake with assorted nuts fillings.


Sorry, these days I have problem with my photobucket. It simply refused to upload so only one pathetic picture and being an computer idiot.... I will have to live with it.

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Have fun.

What you need for skin:

130ml water
70g castor sugar
50g melted couverture chocolate (bitter/strong)
10g cocoa powder
10g chocolate paste
20g mooncake shortening
60g Kou Fen

Method for skin

Heat water in microwave for about 20 - 30 sec with sugar.

Add in cocoa powder and chocolate paste. Mix well.

Add in melted chocolate.

Blend shortening and kou fen till well mixed.

Add kou fen mixture into chocolate mixture and knead well. Rest the dough for half hour.

Divide dough into required weight and wrap with filling.

Press into mould and chill a little before serving.

Ingredient for the fillings

300g white lotus paste
60g couverture chocolate (melted)
100g toasted assorted nuts


Mix all ingredients together.

Divide into required weight and roll into balls.
Skin ....20g
Filling ....30 gm
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  1. For your single shot, it's a really lovely one Edith! THey look simply beautiful.

  2. Edith, we paid $12/kg last year... :) By the way, what is the chocolate paste you've mentioned in your recipe?

  3. Tks Daphne.

    Shirley, holy smoke such a huge price increased!! I got my choc paste fm seah st.

  4. So nice and delicious! Gal was looking at your pics and simply loves anything choc. Asked me to do it. Haven't master the courage to try this, as I haven't been good with simple bakes. Just so afraid of wasting my end products in the end - no one eat. Will sure to try when I am more used to baking. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes, i cant agree more on the inflation, really crazy. I was just telling my husband about the same exact brand and kind of mooncakes from HK sold in California(I bought it all the time last time) & singapore was like more USD$ 30 difference! Singapore cost of living is getting way expensive! Anyway, Thanks for sharing this Edith, I'm going to try this out. 

  6. Hi EL, I too started with baby steps. If I can do so can you.

    hBS, everything is expensive. The rich getting richer the poor remains poor. The income gap is also widening. Scary.

  7. Hi Edith, love yr choc mooncake.
    We are a malay family..but we like to eat snowskin mooncake. I would like to this recipe, may i know what is mooncake shortening n where can i buy it.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    siti cck

  8. Thanks Siti fr dropping by.

    In my opinion, Mooncake shortening is less greasy and it is avail in baking supply shop. If you need the add, send me an email at

  9. Hi Edith,

    I would like to ask you if the mooncake skin is soft even just out from the fridge or I need to thaw it to soften the skin a bit?



  10. Hi Edith,

    I would like to ask you if the skin is soft even just out from the fridge or I need to thaw it to soften the skin a bit?




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