Friday, September 02, 2011

An interesting conversation

My son was in cheery mood yesterday. While we were relaxing in the evening just before our dinner, during one of my conversation with my hubby which I can't recall what topic we were talking about, my son butted in and here is goes ...

son: I think you are having menopause
me: ???

son: it hits women between 45 - 55
me: how do you know?

son: I learnt this just now
me: huh must be the sex education from school

son: I learnt it from my tutor (who also teaching him Science)
me; so what are the symptom?

son: you will have bad mood swing etc etc
me: so what must you do?

son: YOU have to be positive!!! always think of the bright side.
me: how to be positive thinking when you are so naughty

son: hey, at least I am not a delinquent. so that is positive!
me : faint

These are the moments when he is not naughty, he can be really hilarious.

These past few days had been really hot. I take showers at least trice a day. Ya, bad for the skin but I just can't stand the stickiness.

Had been longing for a good dose of Cendol! During our last trip to Malacca, though we went for the famous Cendol, I still find that it lacks something that I had long time ago. I think commercialisation does affect the quality of food these days.

Now let me tell you the story behind this Cendol. I like my Cendol with a good dose of soft red bean so I went on to prepare it. Took me 2 days to prepare this pot of red bean! You won't believe it!

Guess what, I ended up throwing the whole pot away. No matter how long I cook the beans, it just won't go soft. I think I took at least 4 hours cooking that!

In the end, my helper said that I should not have put in the sugar that early, I should have waited for the bean to turn soft before adding the sugar. Now she tells me. Well, lesson learnt.

So a fresh pot of red bean was done this morning and now I am a happy bird.

A great way to cool down on a such a humid day.

And cheers to all the Teachers. Happy Teacher's Day.

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  1. Oh is it?
    Sometimes when I cook red beans with the slow cooker, I just dump the sugar in as well.
    Turns out fine.
    But then I think it differs with different beans. Some beans I bought take only 2 hours to soften, some takes 4 hours.

  2. The cendol sure looks good!
    I wonder why sugar will prevent the beans from softening...

  3. Eelin, Edith: the beans tend to lose water via osmosis to the surrounding solution as the latter has a higher solute concentration (in this case caused by sugar)and thus a lower water potential. I think that's what causes the beans to remain hard for a much longer time.

    To cook red beans really fast, you can try the following technique I use.

    (1) wash beans with water until it runs clear
    (2) add water until the beans are JUST submerged
    (3) heat the beans+water over high heat
    (4) when water begins to boil, pour in more water to lower the temperature slightly and bring to boil again.

    repeat (3) and (4) for a couple of times and you'll notice that the membrane will begin to loosen. simply add more water after that and continue to boil for another 1/2 hour to 45 mins. the beans should sofen considerably. after that, add sugar to taste and boil for a while more, depending on how mushy or grainy you want the beans to be.

    The concept is really simple. Repeated expansion and contraction of the membrane facilitated by "thermal shocks" by downing water when it comes to a boil causes the membrane to dislodge far more quickly than continual boiling. This helps the cotyledons, that is the beans inside to cook faster.

    Try it and let me know if it works for you :)

  4. Hi, just to share. Adding sugar into the beans before they soften will cause the sugar to carmelise on the beans and hence it will not soften or it may take much longer. Sulin

  5. LOL! That was an interesting conversation! Hey, but he's really right! So funny. :)


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