Monday, September 05, 2011

Responsibility and Independence

Since Sec 1, or might be even Pri 6, my son had already been going for movies with his friends. Each time, my daughter will ask me when will her turn be.

So after CA2 exam, my son was requesting for another movie outing with his friends and I playfully asked him to bring his little sister along. Was pretty surprised that he didn't react negatively. Unfortunately, the plan got cancelled.

With that in mind as the school holiday plan and coincidentally E was offering two free tickets. This is just perfect. So today, I am packing my kids off for a movie treat on their own.

A chance for them to be independent as well as teaching them responsibility. Though I am a little jittery but I guess this is how mommy will feel when their babies leave the nest.

Okay, enough of parenthood, now back to my kitchen ........

I tried once Champagne truffle moon cake that was popular in one of the 5 star hotel. Let me tell you I wasn't impressed with it. After V told me about a supplier near town that sell ready made champagne truffles at S$11.30/14 pcs. I went on to made my own version.

Will let my sister tried it as she is crazy over the reputable one.


The supplier also sell Brandy truffle. So here is my Chocolate mooncake with Brandy Truffles.


Verdict: I don't really fancy white chocolate but the hint of champagne seems stronger than those I ate before. The Brandy ones are really good, I am getting another box!

I hesitate to make Baked mooncakes all these years was because I know that you need a top and bottom heat oven to bake a good one as they required different temperature but seeing my fellow bloggers churning out beautiful ones, I am now tempted to try my hand on baked mooncakes but let's see how I cope this week with kids around.

Now, I am even thinking of ice cream mooncakes.... am I being too greedy? yes... my son is hating me right now because he can only moderate himself to one mooncake a day as he is on a strict diet. After next week when he ends his Taekwondo competition.... I doubt I can see extra moonies in the fridge by then.

BTW, I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #11: Mid-Autumn Treats (September 2011) hosted by Happy Home Baking

Source: From M4M forum

What you need:

150g glutinous fried rice flour
200g icing sugar
65g shortening
150g cold drinking water
1 tsp cocoa powder (optional)


Sieve Flour and Icing Sugar

Add shortening

Add water, mix well until it forms a dough

Set dough aside for 20mins

Make the fillings into ball shapes each

Divide dough into small portion

Flatten dough to wrap up the fillings

Seal up dough to enclose filling completely

Press into mould

Skin: 20g
Fillings: 30g
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  1. wowowo!!! beautiful Truffles Mooncakes you have over there!!! Makes me drool!!!

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  3. I want your Champagne truffle moon cake!! Lovely!

  4. Hi,
    Cld u share with me the contact for the supplier who sell the truffles? I really wanna make my own mooncake with truffles. thks alot :)

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  6. Cool! And very pro! That's worth $112 ($56 + $56 from a reputable R hotel) already! And your cost is only.... LOL! It's usually so cost effective to DIY.

  7. The one with dark brandy truffle is beautiful! Really very professional! Are u selling it? If yes let me know!

  8. Don't drool Cuisine Paradise, make some.

    Ah Tze, sending some over. Catch.

    CheezyHeart, sent me your email.

    True, Passionate About Baking and ensure that it is low in sugar.

    Wen, only for home consumption, no sales hehehe.

  9. Edith, may I know where to buy the truffles ? I love to make them for my families and friends :)

    Thanks so much,

  10. Hi Edith,

    I'm interested to know where you got the truffles. Can you let me know what your email add is?


  11. hi... lovely mooncakes u have there. I am also interested in the truffles. where can i buy them ?


  12. My email is

  13. Sorry, hasn't visited you for a long time. Been really busy.

    I just tried the champagne truffle by one of the 5 star hotel, not sure if we're talking about the same hotel. I took a small bite and refused to take another. The rest went into the bin.

    I'm also toying with the idea of making an ice cream moon cake. But need quick hands, not sure if I can manage that since it's school hols this week, too much disturbance.

    BTW, can't view your pics :-(

  14. Edith, I could not see the photo, wonder why??

  15. Sorry about the pictures. I also don't know why, suddenly Photobucket went bonkers. Hope now it is okay.

  16. Dear Edith
    I am Iris i use to read regularly,interesting blog,i am a new blogger myself hope to be able to exchange tips with you iam interested to know where can i purchase the truffles.May i email you for the address.Thanks with regards

  17. Dear Edith Can you please let me know where can i get the truffles.Thanks.Iris

  18. even if you said that the champagne truffles do not taste good, i dont mind trying them..but too bad, i dont think we have this selling over here where i'm staying!

  19. Thanks to all who wrote in and because of the volume of incoming mails, I might have missed yours. Please send me a reminder if I have not responded to you.

    Lena, such a pity that I can't mail to you because by then it would have melted.

  20. Edith, you so clever made all these. I love Raffles Hotel's champagne truffle moon cakes.

  21. YB, I am not clever coz I have yet to do those nice mooncakes that many bloggers already done. Snowskin's are easy peasy. and I am happy to find the right truffles so no need to get from RH.

  22. Hi Edith,

    Thanks very much for your guidance and lead. I agreed with you that the brandy choc truffles taste good! I made some and it was wiped out completely!!


  23. Hi Edith, may i know if you wrapped the brandy truffles with what kind of paste? is it lotus or other flavour? tks!


  24. Hi Edith,
    Can I find out from U where can I get the truffles?
    Pls email me...THANKS!

    1. Shirley, I don't hv yr email. Anyway, thisis only avail during mid autumn which by now is over.


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