Saturday, September 24, 2011

The heat is on

This year, my kids are starting their final year exam really early. This mom is of course totally clueless on the reason why. I have decided that I will let nature takes it course and will not pressurise my kids.

Last night while talking to our architect, he mentioned that he really pity his daughter who is taking her PSLE this year. He said she practically has no life now.

This conversation strikes me as he brought up an example of her daughter's tutor who holds a PhD, single and totally a boring conversationist.

Not that I am expecting a PhD from my kids but the word Single, Boring dig deep down into my soul.

I know some my of friends who are now trying to cramp as many tuition classes during this period, in hope that any last minute pointers can be ingrain in those tiny brains to prepare them for the THE day.

With the recent news that our Education Minister shared with us, I really hope that he will sit down and relook at our kids' lives.

I read with interest on a Forum page that someone mentioned about our education cost. Frankly I whole heartedly agree with him. That S$11 school fees is just a delusion.

We need to take into consideration the costly tuition fees. Taking myself as an example, just alone on my daughter, her monthly tuition fee based on once a week, 4 times a month, already totalled up to S$540.00 (on three subjects). This amount compared to many of my friends out there is considered peanut. They told me that for them, it easily add up to at S$1000+ per month per child!

I was told that if I want my kid to do well with Chinese and English Composition. I need to drill her to memorise idioms and passages. Do I want to do that? Tough.

I seriously hope that this minister is not just all talk no action.

Okay enough of my ramblings.

Here I leave you with this Almond Flavoured Milk Kanten that I done for my family using the last remaining leftover.

For this recipe I tried twice. As it is my first time using agar agar strand, I wasn’t sure how long I need to boil to dissolve. I only realised that I done a bad job after the Kanten set.


I think the second attempt is much better, well at least hubby said it is nicer.

Sorry too lazy to add any fruit toppings as we are rushing out.

If you like almond, try this.


What you need:

14g kanten (agar agar strand)
8 tbsp sugar
6 tbsp evaporated milk
2 cup water
1 tbsp of pure almond essence

canned fruits of your choice


Soak kanten or agar agar strand in plenty of water overnight.

Squeeze water out of the kanten, break it into smaller pieces.

Add into 2 cups of water and bring to a boil. Lower heat and let it simmer till kanten dissolved.

Put in the sugar and almond extract. Stir till dissolved.

Add evaporate milk and mix evenly.

Strain into the jelly mould. Set aside to cool and then chill.

Serve with your choice of fruit toppings.
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  1. Fully agreed with you on our stressful Singapore education system. Currently, my youngest girl is enjoying her life in the States but I am worried when she goes back to Singapore next year. Theresa

  2. $540/month for 4 lessons is very costly, even if we take a dollar to a ringgit. The tutor comes to your house to teach, is it? Lots of rich wonder.

    i'm also not good working with agar2 strands, if no recipe, dont know how much to put in:( very nice smooth cubes!

  3. Theresa, oh dear better mentally prepare your child upon return coz the chinese will be a big obstacle for her. My cousin tried coming back many years ago but eventually returned to Canada when her son struggled with the system here.

    Lena, it is meant for 3 subjects and it is consider cheap here. most of my friends paid much more than me.

    I quite like the texture of agar2 strands jelly.

  4. Although I am not a parent, but I do love reading your "ramblings". ;-) It's definitely not a piece of cake to be a parent...
    Love the dessert..light and delicious.

  5. I fully agreed with your view on the education system in Singapore. I was struggle in my heart wanting to enrol my son in "top 10" primary school, but my house is not near to any of them, shall I move to one of them? I don't want my son to growth up a boring person too!

  6. Thanks Angie for the comforting words.

    Ah Tze, my kids are not from top schools but they are from Catholic schools which emphasize alot on values. I told one parent recently that if she is seeking for academic, this school is not for her girl as she was complaining that her PSLE kid didn't have enough homework. LOLz.


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