Friday, September 23, 2011

Taking the plunge once again

I remembered I had done macaroons baking three or four times in when the macaroon craze was on. Strangely, I never document those recipes here. So I am doing it now for record purpose.

Seriously don’t know what I was thinking back then and I also hung up my apron on that since.

Lately, my son had been bugging me again to bake those for him. Actually he had two requests, one is macaroons and the other is meringue pie.

Since we have been making ice cream regularly, I always have egg whites in the fridge or even freezer.

So excuses no more since our relationship seems to be improving after that “throw out” incident. I think he is making effort to correct himself. Also he is now putting in more effort into his studies. His mannerism also had improved.

As a reward, I will fulfil his wish. (terrible me right?)

With abundant egg whites, I tried out two recipes this time round and I will document the recipes that I used.

The first recipe I chose was by The Sweet Spot, for after seeing Table for 2 or more. I was motivated.

I am used to making Italian Buttercream so doing that syrup progress didn’t taunt me that much, except that I have a problem getting the temperature right as my candy thermometer is those huge type. With little liquid it is hard to test the temperature, I tilt the pot to do so this amount.

Either I need to buy a different one or I will double the portion the next round.

My first batch of macaroons with lemon curd butter cream turned out a little browner as I was afraid it won’t be cooked.


My second batch was pretty! And of course I am happy. I should have added more lime zest or sprinkle some before baking as it can’t be seen at all!


Next I tried The Batter Baker’s as hers was an easy method. Unfortunately, I suspect I didn’t whisk the egg white to full volume as I was having trouble incorporating the almond meal to the meringue. So here is another one with nutella fillings.


Nevertheless I am happy how these turned out. Will definitely explore further on different recipes. So if you have a nice recipe that you would like to share with me, I thank you.

My young man working hard for his reward.


Macaroons with lemon curd buttercream

What you need:
Almond mixture
200g (100g) almond meal
200g (100g) icing sugar
74g (37g) egg white (from 2 (1) Grade A egg)
Small pinch of salt

74g (37g) egg white (from 2 (1) Grade A egg)
200g (100g) sugar
50g (25g) water


Pulse almond meal with icing sugar in blender/mill and sift once.

Mix almond mixture with 37gm egg white and salt. Set aside.

Cook sugar and water until it reaches 118 ºC.

When the syrup reaches 105 ºC , beat egg white until medium peaks.

When syrup reaches 118 ºC , pour it into egg whites with beaters running on low speed.

Beat meringue until stiff and glossy (mine was all slacky, but glossy)

Stir 1/3 of meringue into almond mixture.

Pour almond mixture into meringue and fold (not stir) until batter is able to fall without trace after a count to 10.

Place batter into a piping bag with a plain 1cm nozzle. Pipe dollops of batter onto a lined baking

Preheat oven to 150 ºC (fan off).


Macaroons with nutella

What you need:

40g almond meal
60g icing sugar
30g egg whites, aged for almost 48 hours
1/4 tsp egg white powder (optional)
1/8 tsp cream of tartar
10g caster sugar


Blitz almond meal and icing sugar in a food processor till as fine as possible.

Sift, and discard any remaining chinks in the sieve.

In a separate mixing bowl, combine egg whites, egg white powder and cream of tartar. Whisk till peaks are soft.
Gradually add caster sugar, whisking till peaks are just stiff.

Fold the almond/sugar mixture in 3-4 batches into the meringue.

Stop folding when the mixture is glossy and flows like magma, and any peaks settle in 10 seconds.

Pour mixture into a piping bag and pipe 3cm circles on a silicone mat or parchment paper.

Rap the pan a few times so that the mixture settles into smooth circles.

Ignore the piped circles for 45-60 min, till the circles are matte and the skins are no longer tacky when touched.

Bake at 140*C for 12-15 min till the feet no longer look wet.
Let the macs cool in the pan (to continue cooking and setting the base).

When cool, lift the macs off and you should almost not have to clean the mat/paper.

Fill the macs with nutella or your favourite chocolate, melted with some butter or cream to get a spreadable consistency.
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  1. Edith - beautiful!! They just look so great. YOU are the expert now lah. Doesn't look like you had to try very hard at all :-) To avoid over-browning, just shield, half-way through baking, with another flat cookie sheet on the rack above your macarons.

  2. And if you make italian meringue buttercreams and other sugar syrups often, this is INDISPENSIBLE: A bit pricey but I really have no regrets buying it. You only need to immerse the tip a couple of mm into your syrup and the reading comes up super-fast.

  3. Hi Edith,

    Looking deliciously beautiful, ;)
    let's spread the "Macaron Craze" around....hehe

  4. Wow, you made sooooooo many macarons.
    I actually liked those made with french method, as I prefer the frilly feet than neat feet. The frilly ones look like the lettuce in a burger, remember my girl said these were burgers, LOL.

  5. Daphne, definitely not expert. Still alot to learn. Yes I think my oven might be too hot.

    Also where can you buy this thermoworks? I have questions, any way I can contact you?

    Mumto4Angels, great idea.

    wendyywy @ Table for 2, actually not alot. Just one box and am sure my son will polish it up in no time.

    I need to do more research on this one. I am a late bloomer. french or not french, still clueless.

  6. Your macs are beautiful! Tempting tempting! Got to save up those whites now...

  7. I haven't tasted a macaroon, I know I am super sua gu, lol! Thanks for sharing your macaroons, they look so pretty :)

  8. Wowowow! All look stunning!!!! I love the "macaroons with lemon curd butter cream"!!!! I bet it taste a good as it look.

  9. Edith, I think they look great. I'm glad you've done it.
    Hope you're going to have a great weekend.

  10. Your macaroons turns out beautifully!!! I can imagine the taste of it with lemon curd.

  11. I'm not a fan of macaroon but would love to try it someday after looking at your beautiful macaroons.

  12. So beautiful and delicious! Hopefully, i will have the courage to attempt one too.

  13. Edith, I'm at the tuition center now, will be here until 2pm...crazy right. Anyway, will try to dig through the recipes and email the soon kueh recipe to you ASAP when I get a minute to myself.

  14. Honey Bee Sweets , yah save up your egg whites and bake a batch.

    Happy Homebaker, I am doing another batch soon. Can share with you.

    Cuisine Paradise, the lemon curd act as a balance to the sweetness.

    My Little Space, my second batch, my macronage didn't do well. If not it is a good recipe.

    ICook4Fun, actually I love the lemon curd more than the nutella filling. But my hubby and son prefers the latter one.

    Anncoo, initially I find it too sweet too but somehow, these are not too bad. Give it a try.

    muimui, take the plunge like me. :)

  15. they are gorgeous!! not bad, huh your son can pipe the macarons!!

  16. Hi Edith,

    Looks so pretty.

    Just wondering, where did you attend baking lessons?


  17. lena, yes he piped some of them and it turned out very good.

    Thanks Sally, I don't really take lessons coz I don't have someone to babysit my kids and I am staying at top floor without window grill so a little paranoid leaving them alone.

    The recipes here are tried and tested based on blogs, books and internet.

    Hope you have fun with them. Do share your experiment after you try it. THanks.

  18. Hi Edith,

    I am really impressed with your baking skills in all aspects. They look so professional like someone who had some training in baking.

    Your photo taking skill is also very impressive.

    Btw,do consider installing grills. I am so paranoid of houses without grills.

    Wish you a good weekeend and hope to see more recipes :) - though I have not tried each and every of your recipe, It is just a stress reliever to read your blog and look at those beautiful pictures of desserts and cakes.



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