Sunday, September 25, 2011

My turn - bonding time

Mommy rang yesterday to ask me to give her some ingredients for her to test out a recipe as she didn’t want to just buy all those and used them once and throw away the rest.

Instead of packing it into small container for her, I told her to come over and make it instead.

While waiting for my mom to come over, I got into my macaron making mood.

After my rather successful attempts, my kids were already requesting for different flavours but I am still nervous and didn't promise them much.

I took the recipe from I  Macarons by Hisako Ogita. I recalled that j3ss kitch3n mentioned that she liked this recipe and through the blogger party that I organised sometime back in my home, I actually tasted and liked it.

Unfortunately, for me, these didn’t turn out well. In fact, despite pulsing it in the processor twice and sifting it twice (a night mare), the result was more disappointing.


Though I still get my "feets" but instead of having a shiny smooth top, I'd gotten “nipples” effect. Actually I needed to tone down my oven heat as my first batch got brown rather quickly and bake these longer for it to crisp up.

The over night texture also wasn’t chewy as my last two batches. Even pairing it off with my cousin’s home made low sugar blueberry jam, I still finds it very sweet and it was not chewy. So could it be my macaronage problem again?


Now back to my mother and child bonding time.

Mom finally arrived and we got into the act quickly while dad and hubby were yakking away. The recipe, Pumpkin Pancake that mom brought along was incomplete.

Strangely, the ingredients she asked for was not for this recipe! LOLz.... it was meant for another recipe that she said she will try it another day.

So Pumpkin Cake it shall be, while we followed the recipe to the T, somehow the dough needed some moisture to come together.


We decided to add some water to it to bind it. Mom took a step further while pan frying these babies. She added water to steam/fry it just like those shanghai dumpling, before browning it as she is afraid that the dough won’t cook thorough.

The texture is chewy and crisp if you eat it hot. Told mom to reduce the red bean paste (store bought) since it is much sweeter. Overall, this is a keeper.


We really like it and she is already thinking of preparing this for her weekly line dance classmates.

I really enjoyed the morning session with her. It is so nice to make something together with mommy.

My parents stayed for lunch and mom also guided me to make a good wholesome pot of Old cucumber soup. Her magic touch to that pot of soup is just magical, somehow it tasted so much better even my kids commented on it.

What a wonderful Sunday.

Pumpkin Pancakes (yield 8 pcs)

What you need:

90g pumpkin, skinned and dice
1 tsp oil
1 tbsp sugar (if you used store bought red bean paste, I suggest you omit)
90g glutinuous rice
2 tbsp rice flour
56g water (adjust accordingly)

80g red bean paste (if store bought, I suggest reduce by half @ 5g each pancake)


Steam and mashed pumpkin while hot.

Add oil and sugar. Mixed well.

Add in rice flour and 45g of the glutinous rice flour in the pumpkin mashed and blended together.

Add in the remaining glutinous rice flour and water and knead till it form a dough.

Divide into 8 portions.

Divide red bean into 8 portions.

Wrap the pumpkin dough with the red bean paste and roll into a ball and then flatten.

Heat up the frying pan. Add a little oil and pan fry the pancake till golden brown.

Add a little water to steam fry it till the pancake changes colour. Flip and do the same again.

Fry till all the moisture are dry.

Serve hot.

Note: you can turned this into a savoury dish by adding minced pork and mushrooms.
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  1. I can see that both you and your mum are great cook.

    Your macarons look great and your mum's pumpkin pancakes are very lovely. Both are great for a nice afternoon tea.

  2. That's the problem with macarons. One time successful and another time failure. It has happened to me before and I still can't narrow down the fault. BTW the pancakes look yummy and it is nice that you and your mum can bake/cook together.

  3. I tried n tried baking my macarons many times before getting them right...I used a mixer instead of hands to mix the mixture together...and turn out well :)
    These tiny little ones aren't easy to make ya that's y they are so costly...ur macarons looks nice to me :)

  4. that was so lovely making the pumpkin kuehs together, these are really special moments. I think i might like this kueh, looks good to me! You mean the original recipe doesnt need to steam fry them?

  5. Thanks Zoe, my mom is a great cook but not me as yet.

    Jo, your turn to cook and bake with your mommy coming soon.

    Yes Lena, the book instruction not indicated but my mom's gut feel is to steam fry it. She is afraid that the flour won't be cooked.

  6. Your macarons look great! I have yet to try these!

  7. Hi Edith, try out the macaron recipe I posted in my blog. Wendy and nasilemaklover has tried it, works alright for them..

  8. Sorry that they didn't turn out the way you wanted...but they do look very pretty to me. Love pumpkin cakes prepared with glutinous rice too.

  9. NaNam this is my numerous attempt still i am not that happy with the result.

    Thanks Heidi.

    Swee san, actually tried your recipe that day. Turned out great.

    Angie's Recipes thanks.


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