Thursday, August 18, 2011


Do join me on this Heritage Food Trail if you have the time. I am sure it will be an opportunity to get to know other dialect food cuisine.


This year's PSLE seems to be earlier than usual. It is also a time whereby, other levels of primary school kids are to stay home so that the 12 years old can take their examination in total peace.

I seriously can't imagine myself going through this in 3 years' time. I think the stress will be higher than that of my son's. For the 5 years difference, the level of difficulties has increased a lot. Even my son commented that his sister's work is much harder than during his time.

These two days will be delegated for e learning. That is to say that the kids complete their school work via the computer. I seriously wonder how much is being taught by this method or rather the kids are just simply going through the action. Well, as long as she completes them, I think all will be okay.

Our breakfast this morning is Glutinous Red Bean Cake (桂花糕), which actually make up of glutinous rice, red bean paste and osmanthus syrup. I usually don't take rice as breakfast but since this is sweet and I think we are going to have light lunch later on, this is a good choice to fill you up for the morning.


I decided to take some time out and went shopping with my girl. After all, her birthday is just round the corner and I think it is best to let her pick her own birthday present. A good chance to spend some fun time with her. These days, her life is practically filled with enrichment classes. Already I am making a mental note to throw some of the classes out by year end so that she has some breathing space to enjoy the process of learning. For in P4, she will be in for a more challenging year. I just don't want her to have a burnt out because of all these activities.

My skin has taken a toll because of the stress, thus I really needed to take more collagen related stuff. The natural way is to have some 翅群角茨實鸡脚汤. The last time I made this, I mis-read the recipe and added in chicken meat instead of chicken feet.

So now I am having the right version. hahaha... totally collagen loaded!


According to the recipe, it is supposedly to improved on 健脾, "temper"? and remove the dampness.

This is a picture of how this 翅群角 looks like. I seriously don't know what it is. Perhaps some sort of fish fin? But my cousin told my mom that it is very good for the skin.


I am looking forward to tonight for hubby will be home. Yea!
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  1. I was told by my niece whom is having PSLE this yr that the reason it was brought forward was so that they can enjoy Children's Day, Lol! Guess they don't want to miss out the final yr of childhood celebration before they march into their teenage years. 

  2. Yes, I'm glad it's earlier. But I didn't think they could enjoy their Children's Day as mentioned by HBS cos it ends on 4 Oct. Anyway, I can't agree with you more. The syllabus, the standard just gets more difficult with time. I also cannot imagine how I can coach my twins for PSLE in future. During the last two days, having to coach three children really shacked me out! Worse is, the twins will be having their common test next week, one after another! :(
    Good for you to have some bonding time with your girl! :)

  3. Thanks for the info Bee. I seriously hope the kids will have a good Children's Day for life after that is even more tough. Do you know that they are teaching Uni stuff in JC. and life in JC is very tough.

  4. Edith, to add to Honey Bee's info, all chn's day and trs' day holiday will be on the first friday of the month, namely sept and oct. Reason being that parents can have a longer weekend with their kids.
    I will also need to have more collagen cause my skin is aging too fast for my liking b'cos both my ovaries have been gone for years.
    I like your glutinous rice cake!

  5. The past two days were spent doing revision with my younger boy as he is taking CA exam :( I am glad that I didn't go for a 3rd child, I can't imagine having to go thru PSLE 3 times, haha!

  6. When we return to Singapore in Jan2013, my girl will begin Pri.6. Hopefully, like her elder brother and sister who too were away in States during their primary school years, she will do well for her PSLE. Here the American education is so easy and carefree compared to our Singapore education system. My girl commented that your glutinuous rice looked so delicious and yummy. Theresa

  7. Thanks busygran for the holiday info.

    You are looking very good at your age J, I doubt I can be like you by that time. I am already looking like a wilted flower.

    Jia You, Happy Homebaker, in this era, parents go to school with their kids. No choice. Luckily for me, no CA2 but the final will be a challenge.

    Therea, give me a tingle when you are back. WOuld love to meet up with you.

  8. I want to correct myself on the Children's Day. I just realised what HBS and J said were true. Children's day will be on the first Friday of Oct. So by the time PSLE ends, they should still be able to enjoy their children's day! :)

  9. Your Glutinous Red Bean Cake looks plain yummy!


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