Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another surprise visitor

Do join me on this Heritage Food Trail if you have the time. I am sure it will be an opportunity to get to know other dialect food cuisine.

Closing date: 31 August 2011


Lately there was a big hype on this Cook and share a pot of Curry campaign. I briefly read about it. To sum it up, it all got started because a family from China complained about their Indian neighbour cooking curry.

Personally, I love the aroma of curry especially while it is cooking. If my kids are able to take spicy food, I am sure I will cook this on a weekly basis. After all, we can make it in so many hundreds of variety. You can never get sick of it, at least not for me.

My hubby is one that enjoys curries. He will like his, with rice swimming in sauces. For me, I love it with just a little to compliment my plain white rice. The main enjoyment will be the tender lovely chunk of spiced meat. ohhhh.... the melt in the mouth texture is just heavenly.

Anyway, I couldn't wait for another day to cook my pot of curry. So we did it today. I chose Beef Rendang as it is a hot favourite in my household. Now tell me how you enjoy eating your curry.


To those PRC who complains so much. A first step for you is perhaps to learn how not to spit in public and be mindful how loud you speak. In case you are not aware of, there is such thing as you queue for your turn. Please refrain from pulling down your kiddo's pant in public for a leak. We have a designated place for such private act and that is a toilet.

Let's not destroy the harmony that Singaporeans built in the last 46 years. Let's not discord the friendship between different races for we are as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion.

Let’s respect one another.

.... now guess what, we have got our third visitor yesterday and this time round is a boy!


By the time of this post, our dear neighbour ONCE again removed it before we even have time to decide whether we want to adopt it.
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  1. For every cat lover out there, there will be equal numbers who will not like cats. I am one who gets immensely tensed by a cat and I am glad that I don't have neighbors with pet cats.... Curry, however, will always be welcomed by me any time. I too, cannot understand how among the 7 Singaporean colleagues in my office, 3 of them will not touch these spiced up dishes- especially Indian curry! So I guess it is not just the PRC who are close minded.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your comments on the PRC and fully agreed with your opinions. BTW, your beef rendang looks so delicious and make me so hungry now. Theresa

  3. some like cats, some do not like cats
    some like curry, some do not like curry
    accept that others can have likes and dislikes, same as ourselves.

  4. Shirley, so you are one of those that will tuck in your legs when you see a cat. :) I have many friends who are afraid of cats too. I don't have neighbours who are cat lovers too but they have dogs and theirs are always barking LOLz.

    I guess sometime it is just that few that tarnish the image of others. Learning to adapt or tolerate I believe is the core to harmonious living.

    Thanks Theresa.

    Anonymous, I think respect and tolerance is the way to go.

    Having your front door area always littered with others' garbage is a little way too rude but we tolerated.

    Being shouted at to keep quiet while the kids are playing in broad daylight at the common area, I guess needs a little tolerance as well. Afterall, there were moments that their grand kids do that too. We don't shout.

    So it is all about taking and giving.


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