Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 3 - the end

Do join me on this Heritage Food Trail if you have the time. I am sure it will be an opportunity to get to know other dialect food cuisine.


I am so happy that Day 3 is coming to an end ... hold on .... I am not getting the morning to myself! because my princess will be home doing e learning. Well, having her home is perfectly okay because I don't have to be the CCTV and there isn't any stress parenting her.

I spent the whole morning in school. Today's lesson is really enjoyable and the lecturer's voice is powerful enough to draw 90% attention, for the other 10%, I was wondering whether my son followed through his time table (why am I not surprise)! Needless to say, of course, he was in his pretending stage (according to my helper).

Breathe, and deep breath is what I was told to do. Should the stress level shoot, just retire to the room to recompose myself and this is what I am going to do from now onwards.

Done this little chives dumplings today. My last attempt, the recipe was lost but I remembered it has a softer skin than this one. The previous is vegetarian whereas this one, it is much nicer as there are meat and shrimps.


I read that if you are taking Chinese herbal medication, do refrain from eating chives. Other than that, eating chives brings many goodness to ones body. You can read more here.

I am glad that my kids like these. Next round, I will need to work on that dough to make it a little softer.

I am going to bring my little one out tomorrow to ease some saddness away. She actually cried herself to sleep last night, missing the kittens. Let's hope she will feel better after.

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  1. Wow, these dumplings look amazing! Love the translucent skin. Makes it look so fine and delicate. Hope you manage to rediscover the recipe that gives you just the texture you are looking for.

    p.s. You made it through the 3 days!! Pat on the back for you :)

  2. hi edith, the skin looks so translucent but they do appear soft to me! I'll see if i can come up with anything on the heritage food trail, must it be of a certain heritage or can it be just a passed down recipe?

  3. NEL, I didn't find that recipe anymore since the day it disappeared into thin air. But I do like the looks of this one, so I just need to work on the dough a little bit more.

    Lena, yes it does looks right and pretty too. If you are teochew, you create something that teochew traditionally eats or if your spouse is hakka, same goes with that. So if you have any of your dialect group hand me down recipe, definitely welcomed.

  4. These dumplings are very professional made...they are just like the ones serve in Dim sum restaurants.

  5. Even though I have not left any comments, but I have been following you over the last 3 days. My children are somewhat like your girl, quite easy to take care of them. I doubt I'll be able to handle things the way you did. You are a great mum!

  6. I learned from older folks that white radish (daikon) does the same to nullify medicinal effects.

    love the crystal clear skin. reminds me of soon kueh and a version I'd tried in Hong Kong called 潮州粿。

  7. Zoe, I am still trying to find a softer skin texture but I am happy with the transulent look though.

    Happy Homebaker, you are so lucky to have kuai kuai kids. Your parenting is definitely getting an A. Somehow, I know I failed in some way when my son turned out so.

    travellingfoodies, yes I know abut that too. Thus having the three carrots soup is quite a regular fare in my family.

    mmm... now you got me thinking about soon kueh.

    Thanks for the support for the Heritage Food Trail, the more the merrier, so sent them all in.


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