Monday, July 25, 2011

A nice brunch

I had a nice brunch with SL who is back on home leave. The first time I met S was two or three years ago at a seafood restaurant with a group of cyber world friends for dinner.

I knew back then, I will like this lady for she dares to speak her mind. Not pretentious at all. I felt comfortable as I knew that I can be myself without worrying about offending the other party.

Anyway, our friendship holds till today. So when she said she is home for a short period and wanted to meet up, I was delighted.

After all, for my healing plan, I needed to find more ME time and instead of cooping in the house all day long, I am finding opportunity to have other human interaction.

We had brunch in an outdoor seating. The weather was fairly cool. The food wasn't spectacular but we didn't mind it at all for our conversation was really good.

Through her, I found out that I wasn't the only one struggling. Along the way, S also shared her thoughts and experiences but she is much stronger than me.

She told me that I have to find things that I enjoy doing to diffuse the frustration.

Then again, with two kids, the issues never stop. Can it?

Over the weekend, I got a call from my daughter's classmate's mom. She told me that my daughter wrote some really nasty remark on a paper about her daughter.

To be honest, I don't know how many of you will share the same belief as me. A kid is always a kid. They fight and they make up. I would not put too much concern on this at this point in time. Then again, there will be some parents who really upset by such issues.

With this phone call, I had no choice but to confront my daughter for the truth. Apparently this girl is a bully in class and somehow my daughter puts down her unhappiness in words. Unfortunately, there is this passing notes trend in the school and the note went to this girl.

We had reprimanded our kid about this and make her write an apology letter. Also a letter to explain the whole situation to the teacher as it was also brought to the attention of the teacher.

Let’s hope she will learn something from this lesson.

To distract myself, after getting home, I felt happy enough to get back into the kitchen and churned out some Durian Cream Puff for my family.


The last time I tried making puff, a failed mission was two three years ago when I was still staying in Seletar.

But let me tell you, this recipe is easy and it is simply delicious. Thanks for sharing.


This year, we really went all the way for durian feasting.


We have been eating way too much durian these past weeks. I am surprised that I wasn't down with a cough with so much indulgence.

Source: My sweet Hut

Durian paste

What you need:

600g Durian fresh
½ tbsp Sugar
200ml Diary Whipping Cream (Chilled)
1 tbsp Sugar


Cook durian fresh under simmer till cook; add sugar and stir till dissolved. Rest to cool before mixing with cream.

Whip cream till stiff.

Add in durian paste and mix until soft peaks form


Puff Pastry

What you need:

100g Butter
120ml water
Pinch of salt
100g Plain Flour
3 Eggs (beaten)


Lined tray with silpat mat.

Preheat oven (fan forced) at 200*C for 15 mins.

Melt butter, salt and water in a saucepan and bring to boil.

Add in the flour all at once and mix in quickly with a wooden spoon. Beat till the batter leaves the side of the pan.

Turn off heat and continue stirring (abt 3 mins) until smooth.

Transfer to mixing bowl and using a K beater. Slowly add in the egg. Let it incorporate into the dough before adding the next till all the eggs are done.

Spoon or pipe (1 tsp full) the batter onto the baking tray.

Bake at 200*C for 15-20 mins


Cut an opening from the puffs and spoon in the durian cream.

Fridge for 1 hrs before serving.
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  1. Indeed kids will be kids but I think you did the right thing by talking to her and teaching her. You are not doing it to appease the other parent but I would think to instill the right values in her...

  2. Your durian puffs look so delicious. Over here in the US, it is very very hard to get durians. Seeing your yummy delicious durian puffs make me so homesick of Singapore.

  3. Shirley, I had more drama last year. A mom wanted me to join a group to oust the teacher for poor performance! And another incident, that she refused to acknowledge that our kids did some morally wrong doing and referred to it as "just a prank". Wanted me to go down with her to CONFRONT the teacher and demand for an apology. I just refused as I believe that I got to teach my kid to owned up to her action.

    Theresa, even though durian is available nearly all year round now, the best time to eat them is still this period. Come home and we can savour them together. :)

  4. Hello Edith,

    My elder gal's been having her ups & downs with her best friend and they attend the same tuition class by that friend's mother. They are not talking now.
    I tell my gal not to be bothered for there's no forever friends and foes.
    I also have to remind myself not to focus on children's squabbles.
    They are part of growing up lessons.
    It's more important to allow them to pick up the skill to tackle these lifelong challenges.
    I'm almost 40 and I'm learning still with one of my cloest friend.

    Continue to take your ME time.

  5. Mave, you are right. There is no forever friends and foes. I too experienced that after 23 years of friendship. It is painful but life goes on. Sometime carrying on is like carrying a baggage. Better to let go so that it feels lighter.

    Now I am teaching my kid to be able to spend solo time not always have to be with friends. Good friends will always be by your side. No matter what.

  6. Hi Edith,
    I enjoyed reading your sharing on your children. I really learn a lot from you. I can truly understand how you felt when the parent called you up! It was right of you to teach your girl the right values, even though she was just "defending" herself in some way. You have actually described the right feeling that I used to have too. Thanks very much for your sharing!
    Back to durians, I also had lots of durians this year too! And have some spares for me to make "durian products"! Your durian cream puffs looks good too! Yummy!

  7. Jane, being a parent is always tough. I live on the hope that one fine day, they will turned out to be good person with values and humanity.

    Yes, I am getting really fat now and after this season, I think I should hit the gym. hahaha... life is too short to abstain from something I love. hehehe


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