Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Satisfying the little one

My girl just simply loves Egg Tarts. It doesn't matter where it came from. Each day when she sees it, she will asked for it.

For me, I too love Egg Tarts but I am more selective. I love those from a stall that is near Maxwell Road. With the price hike, I just refused to patronise it as often as I wished.

The beauty about home made Egg Tarts is that you are able to control the sweetness.

So after reading from Yummy Bakes'sfeedback, who actually gotten the original recipe from Frozen Wings - I was sold.

My last attempt on my ugly Flaky Egg Tarts, though good was a little tricky to handle the dough. Since I only had a little time on hand, I wanted some fast and easy to handle recipe.

The dough is crusty and has a tad of flakiness and with the right balance of soft egg custard. Initially I thought it might be a little too sweet but after the tart cooled down. Actually the sweetness is just perfect!

Thanks for pointing the way YB.


Thanks to VN for getting me this cute little Precious Moments figurine. I used to have one when I was young but it has since been "claimed" by my sibling. Haiz....

Though now with no one to fight over it, I thought it might be nice to note it down. hahahha


After posting this a minute later, the postman came. Always nice to have parcel delivery. Felt so excited all the time.

Remember I asked via my blog where I can find chiffon knife as my hubby was in Japan recently. He was having a hard time locating it and in the end, I got three or four different sizes of spatulas. Can't blame that poor man, he tried and I appreciated it.

Well a very sweet friend came to know about it and actually mailed me one!

And this was what I received!


A chiffon knife!!! Finally I am able to owned one.

The feeling is just so sweet and this thoughtful angel had the package so well wrapped too.

Thanks I you are such a sweet angel!

What you need:

For the skin:

190g butter, not too hard
225g plain flour
75g custard powder
60g sugar (i used icing sugar)
1 egg, beaten


Crumb the butter with the plain flour, custard powder and icing sugar together into fine crumbs.

Add in the beaten egg and form a dough.

Rest dough in fridge for 10 mins.

Using a plastic sheet, roll the dough thinnly and using a cookie cutter, cut into disc and place into tart mould.

Using a fork, prick some holes into the dough. Set aside.

What you need:

For filling:

200g boiling water
150g sugar
5 eggs, beaten
250g fresh milk


Preheat oven at 200C for 15mins

Dissolve sugar in boiling water, let cool, add egg and fresh milk. Do not beat, just stir and mix.

Strain the mixture and pour into the tart mould.

Bake at 180C for 25mins or until cooked.
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  1. I never knew there was such a thing as a "chiffon" knife. Now I'm wondering if there is a special type of knife for different types of cakes. Btw I love egg tarts too but prefer the flaky pastry type.

  2. Edith thanks for the link and trying out. Did your girl like it?

  3. Jo, I didn't know of such tool till last year or so. Good for releasing the cake nicely.

    I love flaky tarts too but this one is not bad.

    YM, my girl likes it. Only complain she said not jagged edge. (faint)

  4. i've been seeing traffic to my site from here this morning, thanks for the link too! i must say that your filling is so smooth unlike mine, i still got burnt edges!

  5. Hi Edith,
    The egg tarts look good! My son loves too. I'm thinking of making myself but hesitant as I thought it's difficult to make. Your recipe looks quite do-able, gonna try it soon :)

  6. Wow, Edith! You finally got to do it! I love how smooth your egg custard looks! Bet it's really good with the melt-in-the-mouth texture! Yummy!

  7. Thanks lena for sharing this yummy tart.

    daydreamer, it is not too difficult to handle. Just roll it between two sheet of plastic. Dust a little flour if the dough turn soft or put it back into the chiller.

    PAB, my girl is crazy over egg tarts, cheaper to make than to buy coz she will eat 2- 3 pieces at one go. hahhahaha

  8. Hello Edith, I found your blog while I was blog-walking. Very interesting recipes you have here, love the pics :) Keep it up~ Zack (Malaysia)


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