Friday, July 22, 2011

I am taking baby step

For parents who went through their kids' teenage year and survived, I seriously admired your patiences and perservence.

For parents, just like me who are going through this phrase, we should come together to give each other as much support as we need.

I was identified as "S"/"C" style character based on a profile test that I sat for during the class that I am attending. S is Steadiness and C is Conscientious. This test is really good as it shed more lights on your personality that perhaps that you are unaware of.

Thus whatever I am experiencing right now, it takes huge effort to make changes.

I am blessed that I have friends who are ever so willing to share their experiences and life stories. Each story motivates me and allows me to see hope in such difficult times.

Beginning of this week, I was told that son done something really bad in school. Of course he didn't own up when I poached on the subject. Some fanciful story he gave me but deep down, I know the truth (a mother always know her kids isn't it true?). I didn't probe further but I just told him that I wished for a clean character child.

Few days later, he confessed to me and told me that he owned up to the disciplinary master. I was not angry at all, in fact, I was so happy that I tear.

After all these years of trying to bringing him up as a good person, didn't go to waste after all. The joy was electrified. I took the opportunity to reinforce the values which I think he got it down in his heart.

To end this Friday, having daddy home brought warm and joy as well. Boy, we missed him so much.


We made these today as I had first tasted Lemper when I was in a friend's wedding two years ago and it was really good. However, I couldn't get the recipe as it was store bought in Jakarta.


This is my helper's version which is also not bad except I think should increased on the saltiness. We also made it less spicy so that my girl can eat it too.


Hubby also brought back lots of goodies from Japan. A place that I wish I will visit some day.
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  1. I guess it must be difficult to keep the young boys out of mischief thoroughly....I am glad to hear that your boy has finally decided to tell you the truth.
    Rice roll looks very delicious.

  2. Very impressed with you that you brought your son upright to prick his conscious to confess to the disciplinary master.When I was a teacher,I had parents who would "shed" their children wrongdoings and blamed the faults on others. Their children are always right. You done a marvellous job in ensuring your children being righteous. Theresa


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