Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Work work work

I am still trying so hard to clean up the house, it seems like a never ending job. Having the kids around the house don't help at all because they are bored, they are listless and they messed up. Actually to be honest, a home without a helper makes me understand and trained my kids. They have been so dependent on the helper than they don't understand the meaning of tidiness, organise and independent! I have to admit that I am getting "old" or my physical strength will never be the same as before. I can't even complete mopping the house by myself. I needed my little prince to complete the task. Good news is the he is training to take more responsibility but bad news is I am disappointed in myself. Gone is the superwoman that "can't do" never exist in her dictionary. I am admitting defeat. Already mid week of December and I haven't even baked my Christmas Fruit cake. I am getting desperately low morale now. So cheering myself with a cup of Raspberry Smoothie. Photobucket And here is yet another simple dinner of Buckwheat Vermicelli with Chicken Soup. Photobucket
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  1. The Vermicelli Soup looks like Soto Ayam that I did recently. Yours look healthy and yummy! Thumbs up Edith!

  2. I am wondering why you seem fatigued. Despite the low energy level you're able to carry on with activities of daily living, to plan and prepare extra-special meals. I hope you have a chance to get outdoors and spend some quiet reflective time in the sunlight, and review some of your accomplishments.

  3. Thanks Quinn, I love Soto Ayam. I hope I will have a chance in the near future to test out recipe.

    Anonymous, thanks for dropping by and your concern.

    I am fatigued because I don't sleep well in the night and I usually wakes up not later by 7:30am (sometime much earlier). I am able to carry on daily activities because my mind tells me that I had to as I am caring for two young kids.

    I do spent outdoor time with my kids but I doubt I can find a quiet moment for reflection (besides my toilet break, LOLz).

    I thank God for making women darn good in multi tasking and the spirit to withstand tough moments.


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