Thursday, December 03, 2009

Superwoman No More

My energy level is extremely low today. I think it must be the medication that I took last night or is it my blood count.

I have been feeling dizzy and listless. Tired but can't nap. My shoulder is giving me problem again. Perhaps I hurt it while working. Though it is not in extreme pain but I can feel it. Somehow uncomfortable and sometime it hurts.

The kids are getting more and more rowdy. The weather hasn't been great too. Though it is not hot but it is wet.

Too much rain definitely makes me moody. Nothing motivated me.

I am so sick and tired of seeing a disorganised home. Oh dear, where is all my energy gone too.

The hardest part about being stay home mom is that even though you are not up to it, you still needed to feed your family. Looking at what I have in the fridge and definitely no energy to cook up a storm.

I decided on a simple dish of Seafood Mui Fun.

I remembered during my young days, my dad used to order this dish of Mui Fun sometime when we dined out. Believe it or not, this dish never appealed to me. Perhaps I don't really like having gravy in my rice.

EG chatted with me on msn and she reconfirmed what I had in mind on how to prepare this dish.

Extremely easy as I already had chicken stocks left over. Somehow I think Mui Fun is like an Asian Risotto except that it is much easier.

The kids love it and I am glad that try it.


What you need:

Overnight rice
Seafood of your choice
Minced Garlic
Corn starch
Oyster sauce
Soya sauce


Warm rice. Set aside

Mix corn starch, oyster sauce, soya sauce and pepper. Taste accordingly. Set aside.

Sautee garlic till fragrant. Add in seafood.

Pour corn starch mixture and bring to a boil. Sauce will thicken.

Pour cooked seafood over rice.

Serve hot.
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  1. Hi, I would like to thank you sooooooo... much for sharing those wonderful recipes and tips. I do understand how one's feel being a stay at home mum. If you are tired, go ahead and be "lazy" for a while, just for a while. May be you can consider to "ta-bao" food home, at least you can rest for just "once".... Never mind on the house work, it can never complete, lower your expectation for a while.... I wish you well and slowly recover your "super woman" energy......


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