Tuesday, December 01, 2009

After a good break, I turned superwoman

We took our year end holiday earlier this year as we needed to be back before 26th November. It was an extremely good trip. As usual, we headed off to some destination that most tour company won't provide and we enjoyed it tremendously. At one stop, we even got upgraded to a suite. Though the kids can't take spicy, I am glad that we have enough adults to share the spicy dishes. In fact, I think I put on at least 2kg! This is definitely bad for my spine. LOLz. Good stuff must come to an end and reality bites. Just before I depart for my holiday, I sent my helper home after bearing with her bad attitude and poor performance for 15 months. My patience was wearing thin and I think I had enough. Unpacking 4 luggage and washing two weeks of clothing are not fun but it allows me to see how much damages the helper had created. My cleaning areas were in a mess. My washing machines is now seems slightly malfunction, clothe pegs seem to be "eaten up". My kids' clothing was brown and black due to improper scrubbing. In fact, on the surface, it seems to be done but if you see the grimes growing on the nooks and corners, you were be in shock. I saw plenty of ants but I can't locate the trail. I guess it is time to get some pellet to terminate these pests. After spending a week of washing, packing and cleaning, the kids' room and the hall are finally presentable enough to welcome guests. In between, I managed to complete two cupcake orders too. I must be out of my mind when I accepted the request! As for the reason why we came home early is because of son's PSLE result. Though he didn't perform up to our expectation, I couldn't complain much as he erased my worst fear of him going into Normal stream. We knew he could have done better, in fact, his form teacher thought that he will achieved higher marks but well the reality is he didn't. We had a tough time deciding on his Secondary school education, after consulting his school counsellor; we felt at ease that he will be at a safe and healthy environment for the next 4 years. Just before the trip, I had PW over for a baking session. My chiffon failed but I was glad that my cookies turned out well. Too bad, I didn't have time to take pictures but it was a good afternoon with her. I didn't get a chance to pick up my baking mood besides orders from Cupcake Fantasies. I was eager to bake a brownie but shelf the plan too. Though I didn't bake anything for the family but I definitely needed to feed them. Here is our simple dish of Crabmeat Fried Rice for our dinner. During our trip, this dish is also the top of mind for my hubby when we were ordering our meals. Blunder: Accidently added a little dark soya sauce and hence the rice wasn't white. Photobucket Enjoy.
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