Sunday, November 01, 2009


I am lagging behind my blog post. After the little one had her last paper on Friday, I was totally relaxed and feeling lazy. We dined out on that very night to celebrate the kids' hard work over this one month. Didn't help that hubby was feeling a little under the weather and his snoring really affected my beauty sleep. Perhaps we stayed up really late after the Halloween. I was babysitting CY's kids as the parents weren't able to bring their kids for trick and treats. After their dinner gala, they came by to pick them up but of course, none of the kids wanted to go home. Somehow, my house always has this effect on kids. Nice isn't it? Anyway, today I wasn't into mood for anything matter of fact. After the grocery shopping, I wasn't interested in going out anymore. I wasn't interested in baking or reading either. I just become a couch potaote. Drifting off beween AFC, movie and the conversations between my kids and hubby. But I did leave my couch to prepare lunch. We had such a wonderful Aglio Olio in KL that I just wanted to attempt on this again. Of course, mine wasn't as tasty as theirs. So here is my version of Shrimps Aglio Olio. Photobucket Then I leave my couch again to prepare dinner. Bought some nice fish from the supermarket and decided to have Fish Slice Soup. I love Fish Slice Soup. A tinge of red hot chilli is just awesome. I have yet to find out how they do the stock. Mine didn't turn out like those stalls. Nevertheless, I know that it was a healthy stock with no MSG. Yay. Photobucket We also like it with a sprinkler of dill over it. It just taste wonderfully fragrant. Photobucket
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  1. I have yet to take my dinner, look at these, I feel so hungry liao especially the fish soup, look so yummy..


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