Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good time management

I always believe if you have good time management, you can actually do plenty. Not that I am very good at this but I guess I am not that bad. The short getaway was wonderful. Even though I didn't get to eat my favourite Black Hokkien Mee, I wasn't disappointed as I met some wonderful people during this trip. It was good to meet up with new friends and good for catching up with old friends. I wish I can stay longer. The journey up and down was also very smooth. In fact, it was bliss. Kind weather and smooth ride, best of all, there is no traffic policemen that try to pretend that you have been speeding. You don't see me blogging the past few days as I was also trying to do some last minute revision with my little one. Yay, two more days and we are done. On top of that, my Cupcake Fantasies commitment too. This time round I even get my son to help out as the theme was Halloween. Something to keep him occupied for 10 mins? Enough said, I have a request to do some corporate logo. Since the quantity is small, I didn't get those edible print out. To help D save cost too, I hand painted the logo. I haven't been holding a paint brush since secondary days and I really hope that D will find that it is as close to the original. D, please don't sue me if I didn't do a good job. Photobucket
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