Monday, November 02, 2009

Out of curiousity

Two years ago, when we were in Chiang Mai, we left the country a day earlier for this celebration. We can only see many Thai having fun releasing the lantern up in the sky from a far distance. It looks so peaceful and beautiful. We have planned for yet another Thailand holiday this year end. We wanted so much to participate in this festival. After booking our tickets and hotels, we realised that this time round, Loi Krantong comes much earlier. We were disappointed but can't change the schedule. Today on our way home after the kids' taekwondo, we noticed that the Kallang River was really crowded. Then we realised that today is Loi Krantong. How can we miss this right? Watching couples releasing those lovely flower boats (I have no clue what they call this) and seeing them making a wish brings a sense of peace. In the midst of darkness, these little candles do create a romantic and beautiful ambience. We are glad we didn't miss this after all. Except that it will be nice to light a lantern and see it flows into the darkness. Photobucket
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