Sunday, November 23, 2008

A little absence from all.

I have been neglecting my this "little baby" since 30 October. I was admitted to the A&E and was given two doses for morphine within 4-5 hours. In fact, while waiting for the pain to go away, my thought was that I will never be able to walk again. Scary it is? Even my poor aunt who rushed me to the hospital was in panic as she is normally a very steady aunt. My poor princess had to skipped to school and witnessed her mommy being transfered from wheelchair to bed to ward. I didn't even get a chance to wait like the rest for my turn!

As I am allergy to one type of painkiller, the doctors were at a lost what else to give me as that type that I am allergy to has a broad spectrum of painkillers and that means I can't take any of those.

In the midst of all my pain, I was worried about my kids not able to attend their halloween party and the classes that I already commited to and a 2009 commitment to GH that I had to turned down. Luckily my sister was able to stand in for me and bring my kids for the party (so my kids are happy) and my students were kind and understanding enough to postponed the class till I am better. As for GH, I am so sorry that they got to find a replacement within a short notice. Nevertheless, I thank you all for being so kind and understanding to me.

Getting X Ray and MRI done was a painful process too as I was literally immobile. It didn't help to ease my fear as the Prof gave me two options only. Either I go for surgery so that the pain will go away or I hold on to the pain and go for physiotherapy. Being afraid of operation theatre, I chose the later but I need to take more painkillers till my appointed date for physio.

After staying for three days and was in "dreamland" most of the time and my dear hubby needed to travel again. I think I was better off being cared for by my mommy and sister at home than being in the hospital. Though the nurses were so wonderful and the presentation of the menu for meals were so impressive like in the hotel but the taste is really yucky. I hardly touched my food and the nurses were coaxing me to eat more.

The report came back to indicate that I have two areas of slipped disc! Damn! One is so far out that it is sitting on my nerve thus that explains the numbness, pain etc.

Thoroughout this difficult period, I realised that family support is so important and I am truly blessed to have a wonderful one.

Although now I am suffering lesser pain but much more beareable and able to sit (but not for long). I thank my many friends' prayers and God who is keeping me strong enough to attend my daughter's orientation day for Primary 1 as well as her graduation concert. Her school has been very supportive of my injury too and treated me like a VIP. hahahaa...

All my friends who came to know about my injury have been great and I felt so much love around me. I am now more posititve that I will recover in time for my next classes and a charity that I promised to help out in early Dec. S, don't worry, I didn't forget my commitment to you too.

In the meantime, I am closing my kitchen for Cupcake Fantasies. As for my fondant modelling class in late November and December. Rest assured that I will be fit enough to carry it on. (I have been a good girl exercising daily to strength my muscle).

I was happy that my much feared worry came to a null as I made it through our short getaway. Thanks for the support that my sister's family given to me. They were constantly lending me a shoulder or a hand for support. Of course, I got many many stares from strangers looking at my walking stick! I do feel funny walking with one but that little cane actually helps tremendously. There goes my hope of getting some new high heeled shoes!

Anyway, my little princess helped me to end this short break with a bang by snipping off her hair. Though I do cut her hair but it was never this short. I think hubby needed some adjustment to his little princess's new look. For her, I did sense a little fear from her when the hairdresser started to cut and she wasn't really excited about it but I think now she seems to be enjoying her short bob. LOLz.

During this break away from the kitchen, I read up so many recipes and eager to try all but somehow, I couldn't find the mojo.

Let's hope the baking mood will be back soon. Photobucket
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