Sunday, October 26, 2008

Losing childhood

With the examination coming soon to a close. I am now planning my next step with my dear son. We are not expecting decent result this round so starting from December, he will be drilled for the next 6 months with proper time table and lots of sitting down. Poor babe but what to do? Our education system is too rigid and expectation is getting higher and higher. You have got 11 good years of tuition free days..... now it is time to get serious.

In fact, DY actually pulled her son out of his mainstream school just before the examination as her son was getting a burnt out. It is better to lose the system than losing your son.

It seems like not too long ago, we heard that the standard of Chinese will be easier but unfortunately we were wrong. It is only easier if you are in the basic level. If you are in the standard level (which is the majority) it is still the hair pulling syllabus, now we are not even talking abouth Higher Mother Tongue. LOLz.

If you have primary school going children, try looking at their Maths and Science!! I do understand that we need to churn out outstanding people for the nation as it is our only resources. But hey, the poor kids need to have a life too!!!!!

A mother was relating that she can't be laid back (her son is only P4) because the kids' classmates are all excelling well. Another already started tuition for her K1 kid as she is afraid that her child will lagged behind. The reason why DY pulled her kid out was that the teacher was telling the kid that he will be the one pulling the class's standard down. Can you believe all these? Tons and tons of money is now churning out of tuition centres, enrichments centres and private tutors.

If you listen properly, the dollars are getting higher and higher per hours. Each claiming to be darn good and able to ensure high marks. Strangely I also came to know that you need to get pass the entrance test in order to get a placement in some enrichment centres? Apparently, enrichment centres are different from tuition centres. In enrichment centres, they "groomed" your kids to excel better than As. Now, where is the logic? If my kiddo is that good, I won't even need assistance right? mmmmmmm..... Still, it is a full class and sorry you are on the waiting list!!!!

Is this the outcome of duo income family? The dad brings home the bread and butter and the mom brings home the tutors and assessment books?

Well, for me. I really hope that I am not going into that path where my kids will have back to back tuitions and enrichment classes for each and everyday. Firstly, I don't have that kind of money and secondly, the energy to sit and wait and most importantly, the disappointed or even crying look on the kid's face that he/she is once again unable join his/her friend's birthday party or family events.

Enough said, we are still going to exercise our belief that kids should have a good childhood but my son need to clear his first BASIC education hurdle and hopefully by then, just like BP, he will be more sensible and motivated to learn.

Finally we decided son had enough of "studying" time and should chilled out with his cousins. This is my contribution for our dinner at granny's place.

Remember the beef salad that I written so highly. Well HK quickly forwarded this lovely recipe to me when she read my post.

Do try it as it is simply delicious and easy to prepare. Thanks HK!

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