Thursday, December 18, 2008

On sleep mode

I haven't been blogging these days and hubby will once a while reminded me that. Partly I lost the mojo when I got injured. I realised that for the past weeks, life without a computer is really possible. LOLz. I spent the minimum time catching up on emails and some time on msn. Was I really getting bored with the usual routine that I used to do? I really don't know.

Though I did bake which is a minimum and cook (most of the time, my helper stands in), there is nothing really exciting enough to blog about it. I still can't sit and stand for long. Maybe this is the reason that I am getting restless but that doesn't mean that I am simply lying on my bed.

For the past month and a half, I feel that my days are really productive. Catching up with friends, having luncheons, tea, my classes as well as a charity bake that I had done so far. I am actually pretty pleased that my activities will keep me busy all the way up to countdown. Thanks to CK, I am done with my Christmas shopping in a one stop shop which has chairs that I can rest on. LOLz.

My injury isn't getting better too. So I will be heading for the operating theatre before the countdown. The doctor is afraid that if I procrastinate longer, my nerve might be damaged.

With a nagging cough and a off and on flu. Even with a 2 weeks antibotic dose that the doc gave me doesn't seems to be working. There are days that I feel so shitty that I wish I get well with a wisp of the wand. Where is my fairy god ma? Haiz.... After the medical check up to ensure that I am deem fit to go under the knife ... the verdict isn't great because I have to get my nasty cough fixed. Another round of even stronger antibiotic? Damn.

I am craving for something sweet. Store bought stuff isn't that great to entice my taste bud. I have been eyeing a recipe that I seriously wanted to try since the day I got discharged but simply do not have the energy.

My daughter on the other hand also reminded me that we need to bake some gingerbread man and I have been putting it off again and again.....

Finally, I couldn't shake off her persistence .... so here we are .... our naked Gingerbread man.

Photobucket As I go through my huge pile of recipes that I wanted to try .... I came across something that is interesting and with ingredients on hand especially when I just bought a tub of organic yoghurt out of curiousity. This recipe was shared by a lady from France in a forum and had received favourable comments. Once again, I try my hand with bread. Brioche with Yoghurt.

Photobucket The result was a total failure. Perhaps anything related to bread is not meant for me. The yoghurt was really watery, I should have strain it further to reduce the liquid. Being out of touch, I guess it was a hasty action. By the time my brain cells started to work, my action already happened. The dough was so wet that I got to add on another 100g of flour. I didn't dare to add on more, the proofing was pathetic too. Nevertheless, I went ahead and bake it. It was nice when it was fresh and hot. Once it cooled down, the broiche becomes hard.

Taste wise is okay. I guess I really need to get a bread machine (hint hint hint) and I heard Carefour sometime has got good deal but I always missed it. Perhaps next year, it will be easier for me to hop over to grab one when the promotion is on.

I longed for a sugee cake. Since HK came by with her mango cake the other day. I baked something in return.

Photobucket This recipe is well loved and it never failed to satisfy my craving.

Once again, I had to thanks AK for sharing such reliable and wonderful recipe.

3 items in one day seems too much for me to handle. I am totally flat out and the pain is coming back once again. I should have taking it easy and not being over zealous about it. Now it is my pay back time. Back to bed rest.
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