Thursday, October 18, 2007


A week ago, I was torn. I was wondering how am I going to do it. Having two kids at home for two days during the week long school break. A leave in lieu because of the public holiday as well as children's day celebration and also Marking Day for the Primary School going kids. Not that I can't manage my two little monsters but I need to find the tranquility for my dear prince to focus. Having the little one around will divide the attention and a constant distractor as both were playmate to each others. M was really sweet, she offered to babysit my princess for the two days. Boy am I relieved! As she only stay about 10 mins away from me so I won't spent alot of time travelling. Perfect! K had a really good time going to the zoo and fire station and surprisingly during these two days, K and I built a fantastic friendship. I is a year younger than K. Thanks M for the help. It indeed relieve me of my stress and we are glad that our revision is on schedule and making good progress. As a little token of appreciation, while daddy is coaching big brother. Little one and I baked some cookies. I adores Thomas the Train. It is also an opportunity for me to "open ceremony" on my new set of cookie cutters (a gift from my sister in law J, I have been holding it since July?). I had some problem using it as it doesn't really "fall out" nicely. Either it is my dough or the design, we had a hard time easing the unbake cookies out of the mold. Luckily all baked cookies looks great. Let's hope he likes his To - too train cookies. Photobucket Photobucket Labels: about life, cookies Posted by Precious Moments @ 10:38 PM :: (2) comments
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