Saturday, October 20, 2007


Boy, finally the week is almost over. I am definitely glad about it because that indicates that our revision is almost to the end. The weekend will focus alot of his Maths and Science which is daddy's forte. heheehheee. I also wanted to thank SL for being such a committed and dedicated teacher. I wish that my son will have her again as his Chinese teacher. I have been on a high stress mode these past days. I guess many Singaporean mommies shared the same sentiment as me. Do we really want it to be this way? Definitely not. Do we have a choice? Well perhaps. Then again, can we take it easy? Hmmmm.... another good question. I guess it has very much to do with our school education system and which parents doesn't want the best for our kids. Anyway, I can say that I have done my part and now the ball is in his hand. Just that I wish sometime he is more self motivated. I am still waiting for that day to come so that I can take a back seat and have a cup of tea instead. Anyway, high time to destress myself. Decided to bake some real healthy breakfast. Hollyce's Oatmeal Scones . Instead of the round and boring scones, I turned it into a butterfly. How's that for a cool and breezy Saturday morning! This scone recipe yield a fluffy texture unlike many recipes that has a dense texture. The hint of raisin brings sweetness to it. Next round, I will increase the raisin quantity but if were to serve with jam, then I think it goes really nicely with it as it is. Though I used a high quality butter somehow I still finds that the rich buttery taste that I am seeking is not on par with my dream scone. Nevertheless, this recipe is worth keeping but I will increase the sweetness a little. Photobucket adapted from Classic Stars Desserts Labels: biscuits Posted by Precious Moments @ 7:00 AM :: (3) comments
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