Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Little treasure

We haven't been drinking alot of soup lately. I bet my mom will start her nagging again should she came to know about it. She always believe that having soup is a compulsory thing. It should always be part of a meal. Then again, my soup can never taste as good as hers. I have a little photo album of numerous soup recipes that my mom created. It was to teach my previous domestic helper how to brew soup for the family. Somehow during the move, I misplaced this little treasure. Hmmmm why didn't I tell mom to recreate another one? Anyway, I started coughing again. yes Again!!!!! Perhaps it is due to the weather or perhaps I have been practically "screaming" at my son day in and day out. His cool dude attitude was really freaking me out. Each day, I am counting down the days for him and yet I see no sense of urgency? Well, I have now reached a point that whatever will be will be. Easy to say but hard to practise. sigh Bought some lovely watercress and thinking it might soothe my bad cough. Furthermore, mom gave me some really awesome big honey dates. So no excuses not to prepare some Watercress Soup. Photobucket Guess this time round, my soup taste pretty close as my family drinks it wholeheartedly. Hmmmm now I wonder what is the magic formula? What you need 2 bundle watercress 1 or 2 honey dates Lean Pork Salt and pepper to taste Labels: Soup Posted by Precious Moments @ 8:48 PM :: (0) comments
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