Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Needed some space

I am trying to clean up my house since our last party and it hasn't been really easy with the kids hanging around and me being still not in the pink of health. Guess age is catching up on me and I am totally deflated but what the heck, life still goes on. I am babysitting my niece and nephews as my sister and BIL went for a short hols. Having 4 kids in the house totally keeps you occupied!!! Since I need to finished up my loaf of bread. heheheh.... So decided to have Cinnamon French Toast for breakfast instead of packing them all and head out for breakfast. Hey thanks G for the inspiration. *wink* Photobucket -------------- I got another batch of kimchi and I needed to clear out the old ones. Since the last time I given her a few packets, mom was so in love with it that she exactly called me to check whether I have finished mine. hmmmm.. wondering whether she wanted mine but was too shy to ask. Anyway, I intended to keep mine for my KimChi Fried Rice but never really got a chance to do it. Yes, this is another item from my long list of to try. Photobucket Since I have no time to search for a recipe, this was just based on my memory to recall what ingredients were needed. Verdict: hubby said the kimchi tasted like salted vegetable. So maybe should renamed it to Salted vegetable fried rice. Nevertheless, it didn't taste that bad, will definitely try again. What you need 2 - 3 cups cooked rice minced garlic 200g pork (cut into strip) 100g kimchi (slices thinly) A dash of fish sauce Method Season pork with soya sauce and pepper Heat a little Oil and fry pork till cook. Remove. Heat a little oil and sautee garlic till fragrant. Add rice and stir lightly. Add in pork and kimchi. Stir till evenly distributed. Season to taste. Serve hot. Add in pork and fry till cooked. Remove. Add in
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  1. wow! Cinnamon french toast! hehe, nice & yummy hor! :)

    edith, throw some kim chi fried rice over for me!! :P

    Oh ya, enjoy ur upcoming holiday ya? :)


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