Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Going to try again

Remember my flopped Cream Cheese Bun? Well, I was still craving for it so I got myself another box of yeast today. Yipee.... Can't wait to rush home to experiment it again. In between my dinner preparation, I went round preparing the dough. I was really happy as this time, my dough fluffed up really well. High hopes high hopes. Not until I accidentally poured too much egg into my final stage! Darn!!!!!!! my topping was so watery that I got problem piping it out. Still managed to and put the whole lot in the oven (with uneasiness, and praying for the best). Photobucket I was disappointed again. Not only I couldn't get that "mexico cap" on my bun, it got "disfigured". The texture was not even close to what I had sampled. Note: By the next day, the bun kind of towards the hard side. Sigh, back to the drawing board again. Help!!! ____________________________________ I also wanted to attempt on Fried Spring Roll but never find the chance to get it done. So here is it, Fried Spring Roll. I guess I need to work really hard on my wrapping skill. :( Photobucket
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  1. Edith,
    If you find the mexico topping too watery, you can always add more cake flour into it, until the consistency you want is achieved. Your bread looks soft though. If it is a bit hard the next day, did you try toasting it in the oven?

    Yummy fried popiah!

  2. Edith, don't be disappointed. I believe it would have turned out great if the topping was okay, actually the interior looks fluffy.


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