Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why so straight?

Tonite, I tried two boxes of Breaded Prawns that my mom gave it to me. I am wondering why they can stay straight after frying. For home made ones, mine normally will curl up after cooking. Anyone knows the trick? Nevertheless, these taste really good. Unfortunately, I didn't get the brand name. Photobucket
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  1. well, try using satay stick and skewer them for frying. Definitely will stay straight.

  2. for the prawn to stay straight, make some cuts are the bottom of prawn. not to deep, so you dont cut it into pieces. this is what my mom does.

  3. Edith: You have to make the cuts and also break the linkage in the flesh. You basically massage and squeeze the flesh until you feel the links break so they don't curl up. Learnt this during my tempura class.....troublesome...hahahaha

  4. yeah that's what I do too, u gotta cut them at the bottom & stretch them out..hehe!

  5. along the curve of the prawn, cut a bit, give a few small cut running along the curve, then it will be straight.


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