Wednesday, November 30, 2005

After a long time

We spent the whole day out today, so ended up with no more energy to cook dinner tonight. So our "boss" brought us out to eat instead.

Went to the East Coast Food Centre. The ambience is so nice and cozy. I haven't step into this place for ages and it has changed tremendously. Wanted to try the famous pig trotters but they were sold out.

Both my kids love this Bak Kut Teh. I guess it is the herbal taste in them that makes it so delicious. Meat was tender and not overcooked. For once, my son polished up a bowl of rice by himself. He hasn't been doing this for ages.


I won't say that this satay is lousy. The beef ones tasted not too bad but maybe more spices could be done on the chicken ones.


The famous wanton noodle stall was closed or maybe gone because hubby couldn't locate it. We got the noodle from the only stall available. Didn't taste that bad.

In fact, just the way we like it. QQ texture and the sauce is good too.


The last dish we had was the Wanton Soup. This the kids love it too. Very tasty and juicy wanton.


After our nice dinner, we took a walk along the beach. Great weather!

What an awesome way to end the day.
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  1. coming from Klang so called birth place of BKT, i dont think i will try Johor and SG BKT....lots of pepper nt much in herbs...

    But the Wanton Noolde, yes, as u say QQ texture and sauce is good.

  2. Hi Foodcrazee, this one is different, the herb taste is strong and not peppery that is why the kids love it.

  3. wow love the food! sure miss them alot :D


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