Monday, June 27, 2005

Icy cold

Ice cream is one of the hot favourite is my family and also a permanent item in our freezer. Our all time favourite is B&J ice cream (anything with nuts and chocolate) and for fruity taste, HD.

Another favourite is also Sticky Chewy from Swn. I had a craving for Green Tea Ice cream since the day Linlin and I talked about the ice cream mochi that I have made and somehow we mentioned green tea.

I couldn't help not thinking about it for days. So did a little research on this and here is my effort. I had a little "accident" but nevertheless, I was able to savage it.


What you need

100ml milk
2 egg yolks + 4 eggs (beaten)
175g castor sugar
400ml heavy cream
2 tbsp maccha green tea powder
100ml hot milk


Lightly whisk egg yolks and eggs in a pan.

Add 100ml milk and sugar in the pan and mix well.

Strain the mixture through a fine strainer.

Put the pan on low heat and heat the mixture, stirring constantly.

When the mixture is thicken, remove from the heat.

Soak the bottom of the pan in ice water and cool the mixture.

Mix hot milk and green tea powder together.

Filter through coffee filter bag.

Add the green tea in the egg mixture and mix well, cooling in ice water.

Add heavy cream in the mixture and mix well.

Freeze till side harden, take it out and whisk till mixture “expands” for about 10 mins.

Refreeze again.
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  1. Hey Edith, good job! Really looks yummy. Glad that you managed to save it.

    I like macha ice cream too. When I go to japanese buffet dinner, I always have at least 3 servings (greedy pig huh)...but then paying so much so must fill up very well!! hahahah_k

  2. edith, i am impressed with your ice cream. :D


  3. Yes, until now I am still thinking abt green tea ice-cream cos the one I bought here isn't authentic enough for me...I'm also thinking of making it :)

  4. Looks so good!!! Good job, Edith!!!! I've got to try green tea ice cream next. I think you got me hooked on B&J. Just bought two more pints. -lance

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  6. Hi Edith

    Awesome ice cream.

    Er where to buy greentea power and also heavy cream in Singapore ?

    Pistachio ice cream or vanilla or chocolate how to amke pls txs ?

  7. Jmom, you can buy green tea powder from Isetan. Make sure it is non bakeable. I used pure cream from Cold Storage.

    For Pistachio, I think I will make it into paste before adding to the ice cream. For vanilla, best use vanilla pod to infuse with the milk. Chocolate, melt chocolate add to cream.

  8. Wow~ that looks incredibly yummy~ good job. :D


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