Monday, July 04, 2005

Is this the one?

I heard so much about Japanese Glutinous Rice Flour being different from the local ones. To kill my curiousity, I asked my sister to get me a packet from Daiso when she was in the vicinity.

Let's see whether this Red Bean Daifuku is any different from the mochi skin that I made some time back.

I have reduce the sugar to 30g to counter balance the sweetness of the red bean paste.


This is the packet of gluntinous rice flour that was from Daiso. Did I use the right one as I seriously doubt about the authencity of this product because it is made in Thailand. Have yet to find out when my hubby next make a trip to Japan.


Verdict: Hubby said it is more chewy.

After a few days lapse of not really functioning in the kitchen. I prepared Minced Pork with Mushroom using a special sauce that mom bought from China.


I got some fresh scallops from the supermarket and I wanted something healthy, we had Broccoli with scallops. To counter balance the steamed broccoli, I used dried scallops to make the sauce.

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  1. edith your red bean daikufu looks so delish and professionally made. When you were making, any difference in the local glutinous rice flour and the one from daiso?



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