Saturday, June 25, 2005

something cold

I have always like puddings, agar agar and jello. My ex-colleague, Jean can create yummilicious Milo Agar Agar and my neighbour, Mrs Loy can make such fantastic Almond Jelly.

I fell in love with pudding while I was backpacking in Germany, having stayed with a friend who likes pudding.

I tried learning from them but with no success. Perhaps it is their "aggaration" that is the key to good pudding and agar agar.

I have seen classes advertised but failed to find the time to attend.

After browsing through many recipes, I decided to create my own Chocolate Pudding.


What you need

200ml fresh milk
200ml fresh cream
100g dark chocolate
6g gelatine powder
30g hot water


Melt chocolate and add in milk. Stir till well mixed.

Add cream but do not boil.

Mixed gelatine with hot water till dissolved.

Add to chocolate mixture and stir well.

Pour into pudding cups and chill overnight.

Serve with either milk or chocolate flakes.
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  1. Looks really good! Yummy pudding :) Will try this when I'm ready to step into the kitchen again!


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