Monday, August 06, 2012

Mint Pork Omelette

As I wanted to eradicate the problem totally, today I went for my second treatment. 

I actually had a scare mid week because I bend too forward to shampoo my hair and suddenly my legs gave way.  Luckily I was able to steady myself with the built in bench in my shower room.   The sinseh told me that my back is not strong and thus resulted in that.

To assess my situation apart from that little incident,  I am happy to say that I have improved tremendously.   Thanks to all my friends' prayers, I strongly believe that I will get well.

Now let's talk about happier stuff.   My mom was sharing with me a recipe, Mint Pork Omelette that she said my fussy eater dad enjoys eating.  I was indeed keen to try especially when my dear friend, PW was coming in from Guam and wanted to pay me a visit when she heard that I was ill.

I haven't seen PW for a long time and my kids missed that time that they spent on her boat. Thanks to Facebook, I was able to keep updated with her well being.  Just love to hear about her sailing adventures.  Afterall, how many people are willing to give up everything to pursue a dream.  For her and her hubby, it was sailing round the world.

As for the dish, I didn't have enough mint to harvest from my own pot but nevertheless, I was glad that she enjoyed the dish.   My little one also like it as she gladly polished off the leftover. 

The evening ended with sad good byes.  I don't know when I will see her again as she will be heading off to Japan next year.  Perhaps I can convince hubby to spent our next yearly holiday there.

Since my dish was only an estimated recipe I was adamant to get it right as per mommy's recipe.  After getting a pack of mint from the supermarket, I was ready to impress hubby who just gotten home with this new dish.  Unfortunately, this time round I didn't get a top score for it.

Well, I guess this is an acquired taste.

Thus if you are like my hubby, reduce the mint by half.  If you are like me, who loves it, go full force.

Time flies, I just realised that we hit August and very soon it will be my kiddos' birthday.

What are you going to do for this long weekend? 

What you need:

1 cup of fresh mint (you may reduce it to half a cup)
300 - 400g minced pork
soya sauce
sesame oil
a little corn starch
minced garlic
4 eggs, beaten


Remove mint leaves from stalks.

Sautee garlic till fragrant, add in seasoned minced pork.  Stif fry till cooked.

Add in mint leaves.  Fry till fragrant.

Add in beaten eggs, distributing it evenly.

Pan fried till golden brown and flip over.  I used Happy call pan and finds it easier than the wok.

Serve hot with rice.
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  1. Hi,
    My dad loves mint omelette too. And I would like to try your version with the added meat.

  2. This dish sound nice to me, maybe my next round of marketing, can get some mint leave liao. Thanks God that you are improving, pray that you have a full recovery.

  3. I remember my sister-in-law from Taiwan cooked this dish before and it was very delicious. Definitely love to try this at home for my hubby as he loves mint.

    Take care Edith :)

  4. Hi Edith,

    Just want to let you know that I really enjoy baking with you and appreciate a great baking friend like you. Here are many awards for you...

    Please take care and I hope you will be fully recovered soon.



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