Thursday, August 09, 2012


I finally had a housewarming party for my family members on National Day's eve.  Didn't do it with a big bang as I wasn't sure whether I can handle a big party.  So this was kind of like a test, I am glad that despite a little ache, I did it. 

The weather was awesome too for BBQ and I was pretty pleased with my marination for the BBQ items.  My family really love the kebabs, the chicken wings and the pork chops.  Will attempt this again as I didn't have the mood to take pictures and then I can share the recipes with you all.

Dad came over again the next day to help me build a shelf in our storage room.  Ain't I blessed to have a dad like him?   In the family, he is our Handy Manny! hehehe

To ease off the heat that had been building up these past few days, I prepared Cendol.   I was too lazy to find my ice shaver which I believe is hiding somewhere but I regretted it as the blender didn't do a great job.

Nevertheless, am happy that I had my cendol fix and definitely a good way to cool the body down.

Happy Birthday Singapore! 

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  1. Oh wow! The Cendol looks refreshing! In my house, my father-in-law is the handy manny man. Glad you're up and well.

  2. PAB, isn't it great to have a handy manny in the family. My dad is our Dr fix it all.


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