Thursday, June 14, 2012

An experience

Despite me saying that I will be blogging more but in reality, I am still adjusting to the new routine and the new helper.  Since she doesn’t know how to cook, meals are 100% done by me now.  It didn't help that kids are having school holiday so I need to prepare three meals a day.    For the time being, I guess for her to concentrate on housework is good enough for me.

This school holiday is worst than school days.  My kids were filled with so much activities especially my young one. You see, her school does not have CA1 or 2. Thus by the time SA1 is over, I realised that she is way behind her peers in her learning. Strangely, on a week to week topical test, she fared not too badly but somehow when it comes to the final lap, she stumbled.

To regain her confidence, I signed her up for holiday programs. Guess it is a nicer term to use than crash course. 

I also up her Chinese tuition from once per week to twice upon the tutor's insistence. On top of that, I also signed her up for a Chinese Compo program.

As if tuition is not enough, she still have to go back to school for her swimming CCA. Strange isn't it?

With so much on her hand, she is still asking for more tuition.  Unbelievable girl, isn’t she? 

As for son, this term test, he really fared badly. He flunked all his core subjects. This mom is panicking but son behaves like cool dude. He even halted his Maths tuition with the excuse that he is way too busy with his soccer training, taekwondo competition, a church camp as well as an overseas exchange program. 

I backed off but yet seeing he wasting his days with his psp and phone makes me feel jittery. Upon a friend's daughter recommendation and much working round his “busy” schedule, I finally able to signed him up for an English workshop and hopefully he will like it enough to continue onto a weekly tuition with her.

This tutor is amazing and from her profile, she seems to be able to deal with “challenging” kids.  On top of that, she is not “business minded” as in most agencies.  I seriously hope son will learn under her as I was told that for Sec 3's English. It is a new syllabus and kids are still unfamiliar with the format and marking system which explains his poor failing.

You see I have two kids that came from two different worlds.  One is smart but damn lazy and the other is not so but wanting to excel yet can’t produce.  Really breaks my heart to see one wasting it away while the other slogs so hard.

Let’s hope the new term, my younger girl will have more confidence in achieving her goal.  As for my son, I will leave it in God’s hand.  There is only so much I can do.  He is old enough to decide his own destiny since he doesn’t not appreciate a guided hand then he will have to live with consequences later on in life.

Just before the new maid comes onboard, we make a short trip up to KL to give support to our kids who were competing in the UM MBW Open.  The last they held this competition was 6 years ago.  

It was definitely an eye opener for us and it makes the kids realised how blessed and orderly Singapore is.   Most importantly, the kids learnt how good other's are.  We were so amazed by the standard of these players in other Malaysia clubs.   My only concern was that they were allowed to kick the head in this competition and since son wasn't trained so (not allowed in Singapore but in all parts of the world).

Nevertheless, he has done us proud by bringing home a bronze. 

My girl was really sad that she didn't get a medal.  In fact, she was so heart broken that she cried for half an hour.  To be honest, we didn't expect anything from them except that they get the experience.

I hope they gained something out of this trip.

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  1. Never give up on yr son since he is such an intelligent boy. Very often, boys will "catch up" when they are more mature. Yr girl is such a gem & hopefully, she will excel in her studies with all her efforts.Congratulations to yr son for winning the medal.Take care & God bless. Theresa

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