Thursday, June 07, 2012

Cheesy Waffle Bites

The past weeks were just simply horrible.  Despite the pain, I continue to be crazily busy.   First trying to get the maid to help out, and ignoring her foul mood.  I was desperately trying so hard to get all things settled down so that I can release her as soon as possible. 

Not only the pain was affecting my whole well being, having to put up with all her nonsense makes matter worse. 

Finally the day came for her to go.  I was in for more shock.  After done with all the release paperwork, I found more money on her all wrapped in tissue and plastic, tucked in the same pair of shoes that I already found our missing foreign currencies!  Unbelieveable to think that she has more hidding place till she thought was safe to "smuggle" it out.  Though it is not much but the thoughts of having a thief under our roof all these while irked me.

I regretted not calling in the police.   Then again, we couldn't as we have another important appointment to attend after dropping her off to the agency.

I couldn't sleep that night.  I should have filed a police report so that she won't be able to come in the fourth time and cause so much stress to future employers.  Yes, I found out that I was actually her third employer, she broke all previous contracts and I, was the her longest serving employer!  One of them even as short as three months.

Aren't we, Singaporean employers the victim of irresponsible workers who takes us for a ride.  We paid money, spent time training them and letting them share our life.  In the end, these are what we gotten.  Who gives a thought for us?

Thinking about my fellow countrymen and seriously didn't want them to go through what I went through.  Finally, I wrote to MOM and tell them about my experience.  Let's hope they will take serious view to such workers and be more selective when issuing work permit.   I hope our government will see our plight too, it is not always the maid is right or the victim.

Anyway, my new maid came onboard last night.  Yes right after my KL trip to support my kiddos' taekwondo competition, I was frantically clearing all the laundry, vacumming and tidying.   Wanting to set the right standard and to hand over a clean house for the new maid.

I was on a breakdown as my teen was slacking around the house and I, slogging away as if I was invisible.  I question his upbringing, what on earth had I done to raise such terrible son.  One who only cares about himself and his PSP.

As for the new helper, I didn't get to pick her up till 15 mins before the agency closing time because I just couldn't complete all the task.  Luckily hubby came home early and insisted that son repacked his wardrobe.  Sometime I wonder what is the point of washing, folding and ironing when everything just dumped into one pathetic pile in the end. 

The new maid looks gentle and seems to have the right attitude.  I pray that she will honour her contract and able to live happily with my family.

She is a smart girl and let's hope she will pick things up quickly.  Then I can really slow down, relax and recuperate fully. 

Oh the pain is slowly easing off.  I am seeking chinese medical treatment and it is definitely helping.   I still need to watch my posture though but at least now I can sit for half hour with ease.

To welcome myself back to the blogging world.  I  couldn't resist Honey Bee Sweets's cheesy waffle bites.  After all, it looks simple!

As what HBS suggested, I done a double batch and up my cheese to 80g.  Still I finds it not cheesy enough and added some grated cheddar cheese. 

My girl and I have a great time.  It's sure been a while since I last "baked" with my princess. 


The texture is cookie like.  The smell is awesome when it is cooking.  Something new and very easy to prepare.

I also shared this with my classmates whom I met in the evening.  All loved it.

Thanks HBS for sharing.

What you need:
400g cake flour, sifted
160g powdered sugar
200g unsalted butter, cubed and chilled
80g grated Parmesan cheese
40g milk powder
2 whole beaten egg


In a large mixing bowl, add in the flour, powered sugar, milk powder and cheese in. Stir in to mix well.

Then add in the chilled cubed butter and rub it in with your fingers. When the mixture resembles bread crumbs, you can then add in the beaten egg.

Stir well to form a soft pitiable dough.  Divide the dough into small ball portions of about 1.5cm diameter.

Cook till golden brown in the waffle maker.
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  1. Hope things will get better soon. Take care of yourself most importantly Edith. Glad u like these cheesy mini waffles. :)

  2. Poor Edith, hope everything is getting in shape soon. Yes, it was very frustrating when you can't find a good maid which you need to spend years with them. Lots of my friends facing the same problem as well. One of my friend found out their maid was pregnant after 3 days arriving their home. Horrible, isn't it? Btw, I have alos bookmarked this recipe. It looks incredibly irresistible Yuuuummmm....
    Hope you're enjoyng the evening.

  3. My hubby wants to get a maid too, but I dread it.
    So he has to put up with whatever the state of the house is in, LOL.

    I hope this one will be fine :)
    and gentle to your plants too

  4. i shared the same sentiments as you on the maid problems.My son also hooked with his PSP, though he is only 11!I supposed being parents nowadays need to be very patient and has to play many roles of mentor,guardian and friend in their process of growing up.I would say you are a great mum despite all the challenges.

  5. Thanks HBS. After taking the chinese medication, I am much better but still need to keep the movement slow.

    Kristy, I have no maid luck. All very unappreciative. I can't imagine how I can deal with a preggie maid. You have a good week ahead too.

    Wendy, if I can live without one. I won't want one coz for 5 years. Though physically tired but I was happy. At least no one to destroy what I had built. My set of fine cultery now all have missing pieces. A set that I can never replace anymore coz the quality now all different.

    Sem, thanks for dropping by. These gadgets are terrible. It creates anti socialism in kids! I now warn my friends with young kids, never to give them one coz it will destory their life.

  6. Good morning,
    Glad to know that you are feeling better.Pray that God will strengthen you.

  7. Hope everything will work out fine with the new helper. Take care of yourself!
    The cheezy bites looks wonderful, I need to get a waffle maker!

  8. E, good to know that you have finally got rid of the previous helper and fingers crossed and praying that this new one will be a keeper. Take care

  9. Hi Edith

    hope you're feeling much better now. And the mini waffles look very inviting. Thanks for sharing (and thanks to HBS too).

    Regarding the maid issue, I do hope that MOM will be more stringent esp when it costs so much to employ a domestic helper. This is something I found out from an agency - you (as an employer) can check on the MOM website on the working history (n Singapore) of your domestic helper. You just need the work permit number and you can verify whether what the agency told you/what the helper wrote is true. I think many employers don't know about this, because the agency doesn't want to be caught lying about the 'resume' of the helpers. Hope this will help you. :)

  10. hi edith, hope that your new maid doesnt give you much problems and time will tell. I'm glad that you are still finding time to bake, happy day to you!

  11. Thanks Elaine for your prayer.

    Kitchen Flavour, yah I pray this one works too.

    Tina, I was glad that the bad one finally out of my life. Let's pray the new one has good attitude.

    PM, thanks for the advice. MOM responded to my letter and advise me to file a police report. The inspector wanted us to file a case against her instead so that they will arrest her if she step into singapore again. Given that she was already here three times!

    Lena, you are so right. Time will really tell whether this one will be good or bad. Let's hope I don't need a long time to find that out. hahhaha

  12. Hi Edith

    Hope you are feeling better now. If it's any consolation. I had a helper who stole my gold and 1k plus of cash. To avoid suspicion, she hid the loot in my store room in my kid's bag containing a skate board. When confronted she said that she had just thrown all into main rubbish chute. We went to check togethe with our apartment guard and nothing there. She was so calm and acted so well, rummaging through half bin of rubbish in the main chute bin. Left with no chice, brought her to agent and through body search found the stash of cash and whole bag of gold. All hidden beneath her bra. Agent had indifferent attitude and told me I had to deal with police myself. Alternatively, as her loan had not been fully repaid (4 mths with me) i could still transfer her to another employer.! She said that this is a common practice as employers don't want to forego loan repayments. Greatest shock was when i brought her to the police station and they told me that I can prosecute her as amount is big but while waiting for case to be investigated and heard, i still had to bring her home. As i wanted a clear conscience and the fact that I cannot bring myself to transfer a thief to another employer, i had no choice but to send her home. I had to forgo 4 months of her loan, pay for her temporary housing at agency while waiting for next flight out, pay her air ticket and not to mention incurring additional cost to bring in new helper! I had blacklisted her but was told nothing much as they can come in using different identity.

  13. Hi Anonymous, wow your experience is really horrific. I will be waking up in nightmares for month if I were you. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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