Friday, March 02, 2012

Chocolate Cheese Brownie

Two weeks ago, ES and I were talking about raising kids with special needs. I really appreciated her sharing.

As much as I tried to listen to the doctor's advices to set boundaries, to set routine for my son, it is highly stressful getting him to follow it.

While my daughter was tested negative from learning disability but somehow, we still find something amiss. Her learning development seems to be slower than many kids. Grasping concept seems to be tough for her. Thus, it is a great achievement for her and for us if she attains good results.

ES was suggesting that I get a second opinion and she also shared with me a book that she read and benefited from it.

So I have been reading for the last weeks. Grasping the concepts and meaning of every words in this book.

I realised that there were so many things I had done wrong with my son. Then again, I question how possible will it be, given the circumstance that I faced on a daily basis?

Well, I am not giving myself excuses for my failing but I just don't know how to put these words into action.

After my breakdown, I sensed son is trying to change and these past days, he also mellowed down with his demands. As for me, I am also stepping back and giving him that breathing space. I guess both of us really needed that.

Accordingly to that book, we need to create happy synergy so that the kid will be able to do well and that is what I am trying to achieve now.

Since both hubby and son love everything with chocolate, I decided that this will be the perfect timing to bake a batch of Chocolate Cheese Brownies for them.

AK highly recommended me to try this and I find no excuses not to. Especially I can please both the men in my life.

Guess what, all gave A+ for it! Even my girl who don't fancy chocolate as much as us, asked for more. Now everyone is happy.
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  1. edith, can i know what type of chocs are you using here, i like the dark colours of it.

  2. Thanks MeRy.

    Lena, the chocolate has no name, it was brought back by hubby from Holland. But it was definitely dark chocolate.


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