Thursday, March 01, 2012

Bringing back fond memories

When Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) contacted me to ask whether I am free for a lunch gathering in their establishment, my mind straight away registered nearly 20 years ago.

I used to hang out there during my 20s. I was so in love with the band. Spent many Fridays and weekends over glasses and glasses of vodka tonic (it was my favourite back then) and dancing the night away.

Fast forward to 20 years plus years later .... After the kids came along …. I think I only been back once or twice.

This place still very much looks the same.



My favourite items are still on their menu!

Fajitas. I like the idea that they now keep the tortillas inside a paper bag to keep it warm.




I think they got the biggest serving in this island.





Personally, I find that their ribs are much better than other Ribs House. It is juicy, meaty and that melts in the mouth texture is hard to describe!

Due to feedback and demand, HRC also started introducing local fares such as Char Kway Teow, Mee Goreng etc...

We chose Char Kway Teow. The taste is pretty authentic. I love it not overly cooked and still has the QQ texture. The spiciness is done right and not over powering.


I didn't manage to capture their Crabmeat Chilli Dip with buns. It is like a mini version of our famous chilli crab minus the messiness of de-shelling. I highly recommend this as an appetiser!

How can we end the meal without their famous Brownies? After all these years, it still tasted the same. No drop in standard I should say.


During my last trip to the States and Canada, I remembered their brownies are served with a single scoop of ice cream but Chris, Asst GM Sentosa, told me that in Singapore, their standard serving is two scoops!

Natalie, the Marketing Communication & PR Manager recommended the Apple Crumbler and it was a good choice too. The pie was just the right balance between the cinnamon and sugar. Not too sweet and the warm tart paired really well with vanilla ice cream.


The HRC culture is simply awesome. I noticed that whether you are in HRC Orlando, HRC Nagara, or HRC Singapore, the friendliness of the staff remains the same.

I also noticed that dining at HRC during lunch has a total different ambience when you dine there during dinner. So if you are thinking of a place for bonding time, this is the place.

Or if you are on Sentosa island, be it with your friends or with your family, drop by HRC Sentosa for a bite. The menu is the same for both branches.

BTW, I was told that HRC cafe is not the same cafe as in Hard Rock hotel so please get the correct one.

Thanks HRC for the invitation.

Hard Rock Cafe
50 Cuscaden Road, HPL House
Singapore 249724

Hard Rock Cafe
26 Sentosa Gateway, The Forum
#01-209-215 Sentosa Island
Singapore 098138
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  1. the last time i went to Hard rock cafe was also XX years ago..but i hv never dined there before..we just had drinks and dessert. they are generous with that ice cream!


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