Friday, March 23, 2012


Some weeks back, I went to Hard Rock Cafe and once again rekindle my love for brownies. Personally, I feel that they served one of the best tasting brownies in town.

I have baked brownies many times. Some days, I will managed to get the most perfect baked brownies and some days, I will overbaked it despite using the same recipe! Thus when I came to know that a brownie class is available, I quickly check with hubby. Luckily, despite the late sign up, I was lucky to find myself into the last seat.

Going for baking class is a treat for me as I need to time my class with hubby's busy travel schedules. Very often, friends will tell me to leave my kids home alone but since I am staying on 16th floor with no window grills. I seriously can't go with a peace of mind.

Attending classes is more like a break away from my routine. I like this much more than going shopping. Weird isn’t it? I guess when you reached a certain age and especially being a stay home mom, shopping becomes not as enjoyable as it used to be.

Though the teacher wasn't able to tell me exactly what I wanted to know but somehow, I gathered that baking brownies must be precise in timing.

So if you are like me, could not be consistent in the brownie texture, then it is better to jot down the pan size and the baking timing.

Since hubby loved the little sample that I brought home that day, I decided to bake him a batch as a welcome home treat. I have also done a tub of chocolate ice cream to go with it. Now will it be chocolate over dose?

As the teacher is still teaching this module, I won't be sharing this recipe but I did have one brownie recipe that I strongly recommend.
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  1. Ha ! I almost always over baked my brownies tsk ! hahaha Glad that you've enrolled yourself in that baking class :) You gotta share that brownie recipe someday ! It makes my mouth water over that photo ! ;D

  2. oh, i would love to have these kind of overdose!!

  3. Anne, there is another brownie that I done before and it was very good. Except that need to watch over the baking time. Click on the link.

    Lena. Yah some stuff we don't have to worry about over dosing ourself don't we? LOLz.


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