Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurry! Still not too late

The long weekend flew past just so quickly. Having hubby home for the long weekend was awesome but unfortunately, I have too many things to accomplish that it is a pity that we can't go away for a short break.

On Sat, it was my daughter's First Reconciliation Day. A total waste of time to request the parent to be with the kid. Unlike my son's, we get to do some craft together and that piece of work was then offered as offering on his First Holy Communion. For my daughter's, there isn't any contact at all. We were asked to follow our kids through one activity and the rest of the day, we were practically glued to the chair or listening to some video that had already done so during the last compulsory meeting. Lunch was also pathetic, so many kids were complaining of hunger when they were waiting for their confession.

I went home feeling so tired after that. Imagine doing nothing yet feeling tired. Strange isn't it?

My rambling aside, now let's talk about food.

For Cantonese, we can't do without soup for our daily meal. When we are young, my mom will brewed a big pot enough for lunch and dinner.

We love double boiled or brewed soup whereas my brother loves boiled vegetable soup. As he has G6PD deficiency, he can’t take many of those delicious broth as there are a lot of herbs which Cantonese soup is famous.

When I set up my own family, I lacked the skill to prepare good soup and being married to a Teochew, didn't help with my consistency in making soup at all. Thus I am often being nagged by my mom for not preparing this on a daily basis.

My children grew up loving grandma's soup and there are times they will compare mine with their grandma's. Of course, I failed miserably.

I wanted to use up the last ginseng roots, and I decided to prepare Chicken Ginseng Soup (人参鸡汤). This time round, I used the slow cooker to brew this and it came out beautifuly.


Now kids, grade me.

You are still not too late to join us. There is still ONE more day to the Heritage Food Trail event. Hurry!

I am submitting this for the Heritage Food Trail.

What you need:

4 bowl of water
1/2 chicken (I forgotten to remove the skin)
6 red dates with seed remove


Put everything in the slow cooker and let it boil 5 hours.

Season with salt and pepper.

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  1. have you taken the photo out and my browser problem? Not able to view the photo. I would think this is a very kind of soothing soup for me, can be very tasty too if done well. Though i cant see the photo,i'm sure you have done it beautifully!

  2. my gosh...looks simply heavenly and good to go on its own as a meal :)

  3. Lena, I don't quite understand you. What browser problem? How do I solved it? Yes the soup if prepared well is really nice.

    Jean, great with rice too.

  4. oh, i was actually referring to the chicken soup picture, cant see that..but it's okay, i just saw that in your roundup.


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