Friday, August 26, 2011

Not again?

After making the banana cream pie, there were still some bananas left. Didn't want to throw it out and was a little too ripe too eat it raw (my family prefers a firmer texture). I turned them into Roasted Banana Ice Cream.

I chose this recipe because I like Roasted Banana so I was curious whether it will be equally delicious.

This recipe is taken from The Perfect Scoop, I seriously don't know why Mr David Lebrovitz named it ice cream instead of sherbet for there isn't any cream in it. I only realised it when I was making it! Yah yah, didn't read my recipe 3 times as the golden rule.

Though it lacks the creamy texture but the taste was good. Hubby asked me whether it has alcohol in it which I don't know why. Could it be the combination of banana and the brown sugar?

I seriously think that if this is converted to an ice cream recipe, it will be just heavenly!


Tomorrow we will be electing a new President. I already decided what about you?

I doubt I can post anything up tomorrow as my girl and I are attending the 1st Reconciliation Day camp. Unlike during my son's time, we were brief on the agenda. Thus we got everything ready for the activities and that was fun. This church operates differently, so we are really clueless as to what to expect. Let’s hope it is not dry and boring.

It is going to be a long day and already I know what I am going to cook for this week. Yes last chance to submit for the Heritage Food Trail.

If you are cooking this weekend, give it some thoughts. Perhaps you want to cook a dish or prepare a dessert that originates from your roots.

So ladies and gentlemen, I look forward to your submission.
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  1. I still desperately want to get an ice cream maker!

  2. ditto shirley!! should have gotten on from Totts 2 months back when it was on sale. now the price has doubled for the double i wanted... damn!

    I guess the creamy textures from the bananas did the trick yeah? :)

  3. What a great way to use up the balance of the bananas. The ice cream looks smooth and creamy. You done well!


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