Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mixed feeling

Today, I am having breakfast with JM and AL, both are my primary school mates. All of us are stay home mom now but yet, we still struggle to find time to meet.

Once awhile, I will bumped into AL when we picked our kiddos. For JM, we do meet up once in a while for our girls to play together and since I will be joining her neighbourhood, seeing her will be easy. But for AL and JM to come together, haiz.... tough. Thus this date needed some effort of co-ordination.

Being Singaporean, we don't really have any hard and fast rules what we eat in the morning but to take prawn toasts as meal is hard to stomache and that explains why today, my kids went to school only with a cup of milk. I seriously don't know what got into my helper's mind but she did attempt to serve this as breakfast!!! Anyway, I hope from now on, after a year, she will understand our lifestyle and preferences better. Enough said about the morning chaos.

Lately, I am having some second thoughts. I am not sure whether I wanted to start another blog to just to document down my precious moments, which will be kept private or to continue with this one that also incorporate my passion and kitchen experiences.

You see, I am very active in Facebook, an outlet for me to catch up and stay connected with all my old friends and classmates whom I don't have the liberty of time to meet up.

I also have bake and cook photo albums there so that I can have another back up should my hard disk failed on me which had already done so TWICE! Heart breaking but .......

As for this blog, yet I am not sure whether fellow bloggers are tapping into the tried and tested recipes as I can't gaudge at all.

I need to weigh the two main reasons on this blog's survival.

1) a way to connect with my hubby whenever he is overseas, which is really frequent these days. The private blog will serve this purpose.

2) a sharing source of tried and tested recipes which I believe if I can do it, you can too. After all, back in 2006, it was blogging that opens up my world...then again, reader will have to put up with my ever struggle and frustraton of being a mom.

Maybe a show of hand whether to stay or to go will help me to decide? I seriously am wondering....


So today I leave you with this fluffy Neil's pancake that I am going to share with AL and JM. You just got to try it, it is really good! If you or your kids love pancakes, this is definitely THE recipe. Search no further.

If I didn't remember wrongly, this recipe was a winner for Bobby Flay's throwndown challenge. Correct me if I am wrong.

Suggestion was to pair it with walnut and bananas. Since I don't have any. I throw in blueberries instead. Let's hope the girls are okay with it.


What you need:

280g plain flour
8g baking powder
78g castor sugar
1/2 tsp salt
3 egg, separated
1.5 cup milk
85g melted unsalted butter
1 tsp vanilla


Sift flour and baking powder. Add sugar and salt together into a large bowl.

Whisk yolks, milk, melted butter and vanilla together.

Whisk wet mixture into the dry mixture. Should be slightly lumpy.

Whip the egg white until medium peak. Not stiff. Do not overwhip the egg whites.

Gently fold in half of the egg white into the egg batter with a large spatula. Then gently fold in the remaining egg white.

The batter should be slightly lumpy and have large parts of the egg whites not fully incorporated.

Heat pan and add 1 tsp butter. With a fat ladle, scoop the batter and pour into the hot pan. (optional, you can add your blueberries or chocolate at this stage)

Flip over once brown to cook the other side.

Serve warm.
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  1. Stay. I love to read your blog.

  2. Hi Edith,

    You have a nice blog which I never fails to surf every day. I've even tried quite a number of your recipes which are always successful. If you feel tired of this blog, then maybe you can stop for a while then continue after some time. Whatever it is, wishing you all the very best.

  3. Stay pls! I just came across your blog and really enjoy reading your posts. It has great pictures and recipes!

    I'm learning to bake and your blog motivates me to be a more "hardworking" learner when I read your older posts daily.

    Great blog! = )


  4. edith, pls do not stop blogging. i'll miss reading your post. i like it when you not only share with us your baking and cooking experiences, you share abt your personal experiences which not only let us understand and know you, but learn from it too (:

  5. Hi Edith

    I would like to both hands up for you to stay in this blog, I really enjoy very much reading your blog and understanding some of the issue/matters we are facing in our daily life. Also some receipt tried came out very successful.

    Once again, please continue with this blog

    All the best

  6. Hi Edith,

    Oh pls do keep this blog, i m sure there are many others like myself who enjoy reading it both for your sharing on yr kitchen experiments as well as yr experience and struggles as a SAHM!

  7. Hi. I have been following your blog for your food posts for a while now..I am of the opinion that you should keep a separate blog for your personal thoughts which are really meant for your loved ones and/or very close friends.

    For your regular blog readers, I'm not sure how many will read all the lines you wrote but I usually skip them & read only the recipe portion (sorry no offence, just speaking my personal opinion).

    With good wishes,

  8. STAY! I'm sure many of us read and cherish your post, just that we are sometimes lazy to post a reply (our bad). But we are here, silently empathising with you. Don't go...

  9. Stay! Stay! Though I don't post comments always, I enjoy visiting your blog. So please say that you will stay connected to your 'fans'!

  10. I will say I read most of your posts, be it your frustrations or food recipes. So don't stop, pls. Hehe...

  11. Agree with the others ... please so stay. Ange

  12. Stay lah :-)! I love reading yr blog tho' I don't post comments too.


  13. Me too, agree with two hands up!! We have been reading, dear

  14. Edith, I have been reading your blog for years now, though I never really leaved any comments. Enjoyed it tremendously and thank you for sharing the wonderful recipes and also life experiences.

    Followed the development of your kids and I do share most of the things you went through with your son as mine is of the same age; so whatever you have experienced in journey through PSLE and till now, I share very similar experience too and can relate what you are going through. I am a working mum and so busy at work that I have never had the time to create my own blog, so yours and other bloggers blogs are a wonderful outlet for me to read and destress every other day!

    Please stay and continue with your wonderful recipes and experience.

    Cheers, Lilee

  15. Oh, please keep this blog. Reading your posts (both personal & recipes) is sthg that I look forward to.

    And staying in the Middle East and being a new SAHM, reading your posts have certainly helped me along the way.

    However, if you decide to keep this blog private, I will still respect your decision because at the end of the day, this is YOUR blog. :)

  16. I think it is always difficult to shut down a blog especially one like yours which has been around for so much longer than the rest of us. For me, I like to guard my privacy and hence can understand your deliberation to start your own blog.... But then I think apart from your cooking and recipes, I am sure your 'ramblings' have also become your signature to your readers.... If you feel comfortable about sharing your woes and frustrations, then there is no need to change it but you feel that being public retrains your voice, then add a new private blog and see where you gravitate to....chances are, I think you will still fall back on this one.

  17. Edith, pls stay. Love those bakes you have shared/posted.

  18. I am a silent reader too. Would love to be able to continue to read your blog re food and children upbringing. I have children too and reading what others go thru does help a lot.

  19. Hi Edith,

    Whatever you feel like doing, be it continue in this blog or do another private blog, just do it. It's your choice.

    You do not have to keep doing this blog just to please your readers (but definitely I would miss reading about your life).

    Whatever you decide, all the very best.

  20. I really wanted to thank you all for dropping by. Your input did give me some sense of direction.

    After reading Shirley's comment, I actually did a check and realised that I actually started blogging since 2005. Sure been a long time. Gosh, I felt like a dinosaur now. LOLz.

    Though my writing style is not interesting as others but I will continue to share my learning experience both in the kitchen as well as motherhood.

    Bear with me as I will have my ups and downs. Hopefully you can draw strength from my experiences as well as I from you.

    Thank you all and God bless.

  21. Edith,
    I did try one of your recipes, the cheese wallet. Remember?
    There are times when I see something interesting here, but at times, no recipe or links are given and yet, you encourage us to try it. So I scratched my head...
    I do love reading your blog, maybe spacing out your blog posts will not make me miss any. Sometimes u post 2 posts a day, and if I'm not mistaken, once u posted thrice. I could have easily missed out the earlier ones.

  22. Edith,

    Pls stay on! There are handful of blogger that I truly admire and trusted their words. You are one of them, I still pop by and catch up from time to time.

    I understand it is tough to upkeep many posting as I've slicking in my blog posting too. So may be you should cut down on the posting so to have sometime and space of your own.

    There is a share button on the blog to hook up your posting to FB and Twitter, may be you should do this to save time!

    Jia You!

  23. Hi Edith,

    Pls continue this blog. I learnt a lot from here, baking, cooking, soup and motherhood.

    And being oversea now, I picked more n more recipes from here whenever I craved for certain food. My kids love the food. Their favourites are the roast meat (cook it almost every week), the different cheesecakes n cookies, the soup and not forgetting the pengcai. Everynow n then, my #3 will ask me to let him to see your blog and point out to me which one I should try next, :)

    Take care,


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