Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All time favourite

I haven't been offering pizza to my kids for quite some time. With dad being away, this will be the perfect timing. We usually do simple meal when he is not around as he is a much bigger eater than us. Generally a one dish meal is good enough for us.

Comparing my kids with my friends', I am pretty happy that they are not really considered fussy eaters. I think on the whole, my kids are easy to feed which makes my life really simple.


Like yesterday, we offered pork porridge for lunch and my girl actually had three bowls. Talking about this little one, I think I have to manage her diet properly or else she will grow to be a little hippo like me. Whereas for my son, if given a chance, he will snack on sweet stuff only. With him being in school the whole day, it is quite hard to manage his food intake. Though he is average in height but he is also skinny.

I am such a worrier that they don’t eat well and become scrawny but hubby always ensure me that our son has fat genes (by looking at his baby photos) so eventually he will put on weight.


When my kids learnt that I am going to make Pizza, they were excited. Already my son wanted salami and my girl, lots of cheeses. Even my helper can’t help to contain her excitement and put in her order of shrimps!

I once again used my most trusted Olive Oil dough which gives a very lovely texture. I tried my best to spread it thinnly to achieve that crusty bites. Simply delicious!

As a mother, I am always happy to see my kids enjoying their meals. Do you?

I am submitting this entry to Aspiring Bakers #8 - Bread Seduction (June 2011) hosted by Jasmine from Sweetylicious

Source: Richard Bertinet, Dough

What you need:

15g fresh yeast
500g bread flour
10g salt
50g olive oil
320g water


Rub yeast into flour to become crumb like. Add in salt, olive oil and water. Mix till you form a dough.

Pour onto the table and knead to form an elastic dough.

Let it proof for 1 hour till it doubles the volume.

Divide dough into three. Shape into a ball and let it rest for 10 mins.

Floured table and take one ball and shaped it into a flat dough, using your heel of the palm and push from centre outwards. Keep stretching till you achieved a round pizza shape of around 20cm.

Life the pizza bases to a floured baking pan and top with your favourite toppings.

Bake at 240 degree for 10 - 12 mins or till golden brown.
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  1. I have my pizza pan and my fancy high gluten flour from US... still have not made my pizza yet... :)

  2. I like the prawn pizza. Come to think of it, never had prawn filling pizza before, perhaps it's time to try making one!

  3. I am drooling over your special prawn pizza. Look so tempting good!

  4. that pizza looks like it turned out great!

  5. Your pizzas looks great ! Simply love the lots of cheese on top. And the prawn pizza looks really too tempting for words.

  6. slurp!! hehehe will try out ur prawn version since I still got 1 portion dough in fridge!

  7. Edith, don't worry about your boy being skinny. More important that he is healthy. First time see prawns on pizzas. Yummy! Right up my alley. How come a prawn lover like me never thought of putting that in my pizzas?

  8. have yet to find a good pizza recipe .. this one may be it!

  9. Pizza is also my all time favorite. Makes life easier and full of satisfaction. Your very cheesy pizza makes me drooling!!!

  10. Shirley, go bring out the pan and the flour. I am sure yours will be super sedap than mine.

    Cheah, heheh idea came from seafood pizza.

    DG, Simply Life, Joyce, Amelia= thanks.

    Peng, go for it!

    Quay Po Cooks, guess I am a great worrier esp to him. You are right, healthy is so impt. When he was young, he was really weak. Praise God that he overcame it and is a strong boy now. So will I be seeing prawn pizza soon?

    JT, we love this recipe! If you try do let me know whether it is your cup of tea.

    Kitchen Corner, you said it. This a normal one dish meal.

  11. Hi, came across your blog while looking for a pizza dough recipe. Can I ask if it is possible to replace it with instant yeast instead.

  12. Yes you can, 1/3 of the fresh yeast.


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